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After using and benefiting from administrative list servs for the past five years, it occurred to me that someone should catalog all of the posted ideas for future reference.

So, for the benefit of present and future administrators, I am interested in collecting what you believe are valuable job resources.  Some examples might include but are not limited to evaluation, job description, as well as handbook formats.  I am sure that you have ideas of useful items that I have not yet posted.  Those items are the ones that will serve the visitors of this site the please send them to me.

If you are willing to allow me to post any of the items that you perceive useful in educational administration, please email me at the address posted below.

In addition, please let me know if there are any other useful links that you would like to see added to my "files".

Thank you for your help in making this a successful site for administrators everywhere.  Please pass this site on to anyone whom you feel could benefit from this free resource.