Don’t Let the Screen Door Hit You on the Way Out.

Our Screendoor Wasn't This Nice.People will try to tell you that young people today aren’t nearly as smart and focused as the kids 30-40 years ago. Kids under 18 are considered slackers and lazy.

This argument is mainly made by people who have forgotten how we were as kids.

I think older generations maintain a fear of a certain amount of kids in general. In particular, one strange and mysterious group who will from here on out be referred to as teenagers.

I am not sure from where this fear and trepidation comes, but I do think TV shows play a role by giving teenagers a bad name. Most of the high school kids on TV are pregnant, runaways, in a gang, drug users, thieves, steroid users, murderers, or at the minimum (and most likely) a smart mouth and know-it-all to their parents.

Today, I am here to make the argument that teenagers today, are not only as good as previous generations, but in fact they are better and even smarter than we were at the same age.

The reason they are smarter today, because they have better games to play. In particular, video games.

Think about it, kids 30-40 years ago had no video games. We lived in some sort of prehistoric world, where our form of entertainment was going outside and getting fresh air.

If we could round up enough kids from adjoining farms we might have been able to get a pickup game of tag or hide-in-seek going, but mainly we would chase cattle, throw rocks, and go to sleep at 7:00 p.m.

In the early 1900’s the most popular toy was Crayons (the word toy is questionable here). Our society advanced during the 40’s when Candyland was the number one choice. We tried to get smarter in the 1970’s when the Rubik’s Cube was the top seller, so we have made progress with our toys and our children’s intelligence (even though most of us couldn’t solve the Cube).

As old people we can’t even try and compare ourselves with today’s kids who play a minimum of 143 hours per week of X-Box.

Have you seen today’s video games? To anyone with a brain older than 27, they are unbelievably complicated. We have a better chance of understanding the depressed mind of a 15 year old girl, than we have of successfully playing and mastering a video game.

If you purchase a video game (for yourself), you might as well as throw your money in the sewer.

For one thing, you can’t hook-up the machine by yourself, and simply by trying you are guaranteed an aneurysm. You will be as confused as Paris Hilton at a spelling bee or Miss South Carolina on the topic of geography.

Items sold in stores come with labels that say things like “must be 6 years old” to play. Video games should say “if you pay for your own health insurance don’t even think about buying this because your head will explode”.

If by accident you can get the game hooked up, there is no chance you can actually play it.

There are too many buttons to push at once. There is a reason cell phones have a green button with a picture of a phone on it to push when we want to make a call, and a red one to push when the call is over. They are made for us, people who grew up playing Candyland.

So, there you go. Young people are smarter because they can play video games. We try and shame our kids, by convincing them that if they don’t go outside and play they are wasting their lives, but if there was an X-Box in the 50’s, 60’s, or 70’s our behinds would have been parked in the house on the couch (or davenport for you 50’s kids).

Don’t kid yourself about the good old days. We went outside because there was no air conditioning. In addition, our parents couldn’t stand listening to us any longer, so they didn’t allow us inside until they screamed for us (conveniently it was usually after dark).

If you don’t buy my argument, challenge a 12 year-old to the video game of his/her choice. If you can beat him/her then you can make the argument that we are smarter.

Actually if we were smarter than the average teenager, we wouldn’t have spent 12.5 billion dollars on video games in 2006.

We would just give our kids a Candyland game, a Rubik’s Cube, and send them outside until we called them in for dinner (most likely, well after dark).

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Werewolves, Pop-Tarts, and Junior High Boys.

Werewolf... or... Junior High Boy????There are many great mysteries of the world that continue to confuse me.

They include: David Caruso’s total lack of acting ability; how microwaves work; why people pay $57 dollars for a cup of coffee at Starbucks; and how a thermos keeps hot stuff hot and cold stuff cold. How does it know which type of liquid is inside? I could go on and on, but you get the point.

But the biggest mystery in the entire world continues to be why Junior High kids act so squirrely when there is a full-moon.

Actually, it is any student K-12, especially kids within a half mile radius of where I am standing. This has been studied by scientists. Honest. It is like I am a magnet.

I am convinced that they have inner radar that allows them to search out and attempt to destroy the good nature of school administrators.

Sometimes I think several days before a full-moon, parents devise a plan.

It is my understanding, from sources I am not at liberty to name, that they get the kids all hopped-up on caffeine and candy, force them to stay up until 4:21 a.m., then turn around and make them get up and eat an early breakfast of Pop-Tarts, Cocoa Puffs (or any other cereal sold on the bottom shelf), breakfast burritos and a giant ice-cold glass of CRAZY.

And then they do the unthinkable. They put them on a bus and send them to school knowing good and well, that you never send your kids out in public when they have just consumed a big glass of CRAZY.

But this is only the beginning, the real fun is about to ensue. By fun, I don’t mean fun, I mean nightmare. Yes, that’s the right word for junior high kids with too much caffeine and a full-moon overhead.

Bus troubles, locker room incidents, touching each other in the hallway, noises (don’t ask), inappropriate language, etc.

I don’t want to focus only on the negative and be the “glass of CRAZY is half-full” type of guy. There is some good news.

One, it only lasts for one day (granted they can be long days and you will age several years during this 24 hour period, but if it wasn’t this, it would be something else), and two, it is job-security. No matter how advanced our society becomes, there will always be a need for a school administrator to stand in the hallway to make sure junior high boys don’t shove each other.

If you don’t believe me, mark the next full-moon on your calendar (the technical term for this is- “scientific study”).

Be warned though, some months it is the actual full-moon day. However, sometimes just to mess with you, the kids will be extra jumpy the day before the full-moon.

During the course of my extensive studies on this matter, I have also noticed that the day of the week can help or hurt your cause on this event.

Monday full-moon, manageable. Tuesday or Wednesday, you can survive. Thursday, things are going to get a bit more complicated. Friday full-moon with an afternoon assembly, every man, woman, and child for themselves.

On a short week, Wednesday or Thursday can actually become a Friday. A week with no Monday throws everything back a day. I would go on, but you would need scratch paper if I go into any more details.

The #1 worst case of all time is- if you live in a part of the country where snow is not the norm, and you get 2 inches during school on a full-moon day…well, my advice is to look into another occupation. Something less dangerous like: timber cutters, fisherman, or pilots (Google “most dangerous jobs”).

Trust my theory, as I have seldom lied to you before. Try keeping track on your own calendar. After about three months, you too will recognize this as one of the greatest mysteries of the universe.

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If Your Dad Says, “This is Going to Hurt Me More Than You”, It’s Not True.

Discipline is Good.  In Moderation.Has our educational system taken a step backwards due to a lack of discipline? We are certainly a kinder and gentler society than a couple of generations ago, but is that a good thing?

Growing up I never feared for my safety (a pain free behind to sit on- yes, safety-no), but I did have a certain amount of fear that my dad could take away my ability to sit pain free if I gave him a reason.

In the last twenty-five years we have made real progress in how we treat others and how we discipline our kids.

I wonder though, have we gotten to be so nice and so politically correct that while we are more humane in our treatment of kids, we have gone too far the other way and become too passive?

Life has a way of swinging back and forth like a pendulum. You can make the argument that while we were once too harsh, we may now be too easy on our kids. We need to realize that we are not doing our young people any favors by being so easy on them.

There is no doubt that some adults went too far in their discipline techniques with their children (I still have a sore butt from 1974). I don’t think there is ever a good reason to beat your kids, but in my mind there is a big difference between beating and spanking.

There is something to be said for the improved behavior of a 7 year-old boy when he realizes that the authoritative figure he is dealing with actually means business (by business, I mean stop misbehaving- NOW).

There is a reason that the saying “talk is cheap” is actually a phrase that we all recognize. It should be a felony for parents to threaten their kids without following through.

Kids should be frightened of their parents (re: 1974). Not that they should be afraid to speak, or laugh, or share their opinion, but they should know that there is always a possibility that someone is going to put them back in line when they need it.

A problem that is getting more difficult for children to recognize: Who is in charge? Is it Dad? Mom? Stepdad? Stepmom? Grandpa? Grandma? Dad’s friend? Mom’s friend? Some kids don’t know to whom they answer and that isn’t a good thing for them, our schools, or society in general. If kids can’t clearly tell who is in charge, they begin to think it is them (which reflects every bad family sitcom on TV). Never good.

Someday, I am going to compile statistics proving the link between the majority of teenage boys who get in trouble at school in relation to having no authority figure in their lives.

Everyone needs rules. Discipline isn’t what you do to a child; it is what you do for them. Although on a side note – if you spank your child with a yardstick, (not recommended) it isn’t the kid’s butt’s fault if the yardstick breaks in half.

It is only fair that every kid goes to bed with the knowledge that a loving authority figure would spank their behind until it looks like a monkey’s butt if the need presented itself. (cha ching- I have been dying to use the phrase- monkey’s butt for weeks).

Actually, the secret is not spanking your kids every two minutes, but putting the fear into them that you just might spank them in the next two minutes. This is why the wait is far worse than the spanking when you are sent to your room until your dad gets home.

We are cheating our kids of discipline and wasting too much time in schools when undisciplined students waste other students’ and teachers’ time.

In my estimation, it is quite simple; children should know that their parents brought them into this world, and if need be, they can take them out.

If every kid grew up knowing this one sentence was true, they would be a lot better off.

And the next time you see a parent in Wal-Mart swat their child’s behind, you may want to consider; isn’t that kid lucky to have a parent who loves them?

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My Dad is a Goof.

Goofy.This blog is really written by a six-year old girl. This introduction is the only thing that she didn’t do by herself. She typed the entire blog (kind of slow, but she is six). While, her typing skills need improvement, she does have a sense of humor. Also, I can live with the title, as it was originally called “How Much Would You Pay For A Dad On Ebay”.

This is my blog. I am six. I love soccer.

I have a joke.

What did zero say to eight………………

Nice belt!!!

My dad says if I get lots of comments he will buy me ice cream.
Please help me!!

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I Should Have Gotten a Pre-nup.

The following is a sad commentary on my love/hate relationship with this website. The humor contained within this blog (or lack of humor based on your personal opinion of what is funny) is in no way based on my actual marriage, which couldn’t be better and if I had a brain in my head I wouldn’t compare that relationship to a website, but I don’t, so here it goes.

Having a website is like being married without the fun parts (if you have to ask what the fun parts are, you probably spend too much time on the computer).

A website can be consuming. A lot of time and energy goes into making it successful. It can be overwhelming and can almost take over your life. You created it and therefore are responsible for its every want and need.

When it is sick, I have to fix it (by I of course, I mean my lovely wife). Prenups Are Good.

Just like many relationships, this website started out by accident (and I swear, this website was my first and that’s my story and I am sticking to it).

It began simply enough as a storage place for my forms and some internet links that I visited relatively frequently . Nothing more, nothing less. I thought I (by I of course, I mean my lovely wife) would just set it up and leave it alone.

It was supposed to be a one-time thing. No commitment, no hard feelings when it was over. Just good clean fun. I am not proud of this, but I was young and impressionable. My youth got the best of me (don’t judge me).

Then one thing led to another and things got out of hand. I liked the website and it kind of liked me.

It was a fun first date and the next thing I knew, I woke up married- to the website (again, no disrespect to my real marriage). There is a fine line between fun and easy (again, don’t judge me).

Next thing I know, I have a website, then along comes a blog, and finally a forum. I wasn’t prepared for this type of responsibility. One day I am happily skipping through life, and the next day I was the average website owner with 2.04 kids, or webpages (at this point I am just confused).

Along the way there have been disagreements, even a fight or two, hurt feelings, and some much needed counseling. Things have not always been smooth, but we have tried to work things out. I give a little, the website gives a little. We try and meet halfway on the tough issues and most importantly never go to bed angry.

To be honest, I must admit from time to time, I have even looked at other websites and thought maybe I settled down too soon. The newer websites with their fancy colors and graphics. I am not going to lie they can be enticing.

I have a feeling that I should have waited until I was older to have a website. I would have been more mature and I would be more prepared to handle all of the responsibility that comes with this type of commitment.

I probably needed more of a foundation and experience to guide me along. I could have used some life experiences to take me down this complicated path. But no, I had to have a website while I was still young and impetuous.

Just like other marriages, we are tied together. Probably forever., you are a cruel, cruel mistress.

And as we both get older, who is going to want us? We are both stuck in our ways and we are not getting any younger.

I just hope that I don’t go through a midlife crisis and end up running off and creating a new, younger website.

Nothing sadder than a middle-aged man and a website half his age.

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Email iz ded, Old ppl. (Version #1- Texted- For the Kids)

The Kids With Their Texting... What Will They Think of Next?az parNts we nEd 2 undRstNd dat email iz fst BcumN an out of D8 teknoloG (d kds dEz dAz don’t roL w d email). teknoloG iz changing, & we (old people) can’t possibly kEp ^. kds nEd somTIN faster & rght nw it iz txt msgN.

f U R foolish Enuf 2 tink dat emailing frm yor desktop iz kEpn ^ w d tImz, I M bout 2 GIV U som bad nuz, old prsn.

My six-year old skul LuvN, SpongeBob watchN (evry episode @ lEst 39 times- I M ded serious), bYk riding, roller blading, giggling ltl 3:o) knOz mo bout teknoloG n d 1st 6 yr.z of her Lyf, thN I knew aftR getin my Master’s Dgre frm a somwot accredited uni..

We nEd 2 cum 2 grips w our futR. az parNts, we R raising a smarter, mo advncd race of ppl whuz onlE purpose on erth iz 2 replAc us.

un4tuN8ly, ther iz Nuttin fune bout DIS. f U R rEDN DIS blog, ther iz n doubt dat U R old & out of D8. evN wen we tink we R cutting edge w our email, mAbE evN a laptop, our ceL phones- we R faLN farther & farther Bhind n UzN teknoloG Ech & evry dA.

We R Pac-Man n an iPod wrld. We live n d presnt, dey (d nu advncd race) R LernN 4 d futR.

dEz v smrt, v ltl ppl R grON ^ n a dfrnt wrld. dey hav n knowLdG of rotary fonez, Y calculators wer kewl, typewriters, Donkey Kong, Polaroid cameras, 8 track tapes, metL ice cube trays, o Y ther wer fone booths @ d gas statN.

dEz kds wiL nevr hav a checkbook, L%k @ a (o) 2 teL tym (dey uz thR ceL phones), coRec thR own spLN on a writiN assignment, o knO d fear of wot wiL hpn @ om f dey R snt 2 d principal’s OPIS @ skul.

dey wiL nevr remMbR a wrld w/o MySpace, iTunes, Facebook, o YouTube.

We R so out of tuch dat students tAk [abc]N, 10 yr.z aftR dey R 1st on a cmptr.

It iz tym 2 admit it. We R old. Not jst a ltl old, I mean rly old teknoloG wise. d wrld iz changing qixlE. It hz advncd since I stRtD typing DIS blog, 3 mins ago (I typ fst; n my previous Lyf I wz a [abc]N Teacher).

yung ppl R not onlE smarter thN we wer @ d sAm age, bt dey R smarter thN us nw. & dey R getin smarter. & smarter. & smarter.

We hav n choice. az elderly adults, we must b proactive. We must git out of thR way b4 dey (d sml people) crush us lIk bugs. It iz tym 2 run & hide & sAv wot ltl prId we hav L.

I M goin 2 lEd d chRj. I M getin out. It iz official, I M dn. n mo blogs. d NXT tym U rED DIS blog it wiL b typed (o possibly voiced) by a technologically advncd six-year old.

She can’t Dcide wot she wiL blog bout. She hz it narrowed dwn 2 dat cinematic classic- hI skul Musical 2, o mAbE a blog bout d world’s greatest ;-o, Justin Timberlake, o mAbE d best invention n d lst twenty-five years- Webkinz (it’s g9, stuffed animLz + cmptr website).

whIl she iz doin dat, I M goin 2 wrk on d VCR- it hz Bin 12:00 pm n our living r%m since we bought d LUG machine 9 yr.z ago.

My dAutr wz goin 2 hlp me, bt she nEdz 2 post an assignment on her claS Wiki (f U R old, U R goin 2 nEd 2 g%gle Wiki…that iz ok…I did).

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Email is Dead, Old People. (Version #2- Not Texted- For the Old People)

Email vs. Texting.  Email is Losing.As parents we need to understand that email is fast becoming an out of date technology (the kids these days don’t roll with the email). Technology is changing, and we (old people) can’t possibly keep up. Kids need something faster and right now it is text messaging.

If you are foolish enough to think that emailing from your desktop is keeping up with the times, I am about to give you some bad news, old person.

My six-year old school loving, SpongeBob watching (every episode at least 39 times- I am dead serious), bike riding, roller blading, giggling little girl knows more about technology in the first 6 years of her life, than I knew after getting my Master’s Degree from a somewhat accredited university.

We need to come to grips with our future. As parents, we are raising a smarter, more advanced race of people whose only purpose on Earth is to replace us.

Unfortunately, there is nothing funny about this. If you are reading this blog, there is no doubt that you are old and out of date. Even when we think we are cutting edge with our email, maybe even a laptop, our cell phones- we are falling farther and farther behind in using technology each and every day.

We are Pac-Man in an iPod world. We live in the present, they (the new advanced race) are learning for the future.

These very smart, very little people are growing up in a different world. They have no knowledge of rotary phones, why calculators were cool, typewriters, Donkey Kong, Polaroid cameras, 8 track tapes, metal ice cube trays, or why there were phone booths at the gas station.

These kids will never have a checkbook, look at a clock to tell time (they use their cell phones), correct their own spelling on a writing assignment, or know the fear of what will happen at home if they are sent to the principal’s office at school.

They will never remember a world without MySpace, iTunes, Facebook, or YouTube.

We are so out of touch that students take keyboarding, ten years after they are first on a computer.

It is time to admit it. We are old. Not just a little old, I mean really old technology wise. The world is changing quickly. It has advanced since I started typing this blog, three minutes ago (I type fast; in my previous life I was a Keyboarding Teacher).

Young people are not only smarter than we were at the same age, but they are smarter than us now. And they are getting smarter. And smarter. And smarter.

We have no choice. As elderly adults, we must be proactive. We must get out of their way before they (the small people) crush us like bugs. It is time to run and hide and save what little pride we have left.

I am going to lead the charge. I am getting out. It is official, I am done. No more blogs. The next time you read this blog it will be typed (or possibly voiced) by a technologically advanced six-year old.

She can’t decide what she will blog about. She has it narrowed down to that cinematic classic- High School Musical 2, or maybe a blog about the world’s greatest singer, Justin Timberlake, or maybe the best invention in the last twenty-five years- Webkinz (it’s genius, stuffed animals + computer website).

While she is doing that, I am going to work on the VCR- it has been 12:00 pm in our living room since we bought the stupid machine 9 years ago.

My daughter was going to help me, but she needs to post an assignment on her class Wiki (if you are old, you are going to need to Google Wiki…that is ok…I did).

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Why Does Everyone Need a Villain?

Everyone Hates a Villian, But Everyone Needs a Villian.The older I get, the more I wonder why everyone needs someone at which to be mad. Sometimes I think this type of attitude has replaced baseball (really football) as our national pastime.

Think about it. Everyone is pitted against someone.

Children vs. Parents. Parents vs. Teachers. Teachers vs. Children, Parents, and Administrators. Administrators vs. Everyone (sorry, it’s been a long week). Workers vs. Bosses and Bosses vs. Workers. Democrats vs. Republicans. Unions vs. Employers. George Bush vs. Iraq. Yankees vs. Red Sox. Cops vs. Robbers. Rapper vs. Rapper. Me vs. Soccer Guy and Teacher who can’t make popcorn. James Bond vs. Evil Guy who is usually holding a cat (you will never find a dog lover who wants to rule the world). And finally, Rosie vs. Donald Trump (actually, bad example, I just went too far- please file this one under no one cares).

I could go on and on.

Now, admittedly this is not always true. But, you must admit it is true more times than not.

You have a better chance of hearing a Democratic politician bad mouth a Republican politician than saying something nice and respectful. Unions need issues to rail against, or else what is the point of participating in a union? We watch movies to see the good guy win. Sports fans root for their team and against another team they hate.

Without the Red Sox, what fun is it to be a Yankee fan? We evidently need these opponents in our lives. If I suddenly decide to like sports where you can’t use your hands or I begin to like the smell of burnt popcorn, I will personally lose 2/3 of my best material.

People barely care about Rosie and Donald Trump, but somehow when they dislike each other they become slightly more interesting.

The question is why does it have to be this way? Are humans incapable of being happy unless they are a little unhappy? Sorry, I just went a little Carrie Bradshaw on you (if you missed this one, you obviously have basic cable).

Do we always have to have a villain? Is it possible that this feeling makes us strive for better and work harder and do our best?

Maybe there is an actual scientific reason. Maybe our bodies need the adrenaline rush we get when we are angry or don’t like something. Maybe, just maybe it is simpler and we just enjoy being mean to each other.

More likely, we just need to get over ourselves and act a little nicer. We should all take a moment, stop by the kindergarten room, and follow their lead.

Respect other adults, play with everyone, share our toys, say thank you and please, don’t hit each other, hold hands, kiss and hug our loved ones, drink our milk, and take a nap about 1:30.

If you remember these few rules, I will still give you permission to dislike Rosie or Trump- your choice, because they are both idiots.

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How Many Times Can I Mention Their Name?

Elluminate Logo.You have probably noticed that I have indeed sold out to Elluminate. I struggled with this decision for nearly 19 seconds.

After much deliberation and consulting my priest (I’m not Catholic), my lawyer (don’t have one), my accountant (won’t call me back), and the guy next door (wants me to move) I decided to jump at the cash. I also decided that I need to get a better posse.

Anyway, I have sold my soul to that corporate giant, Elluminate. What is Elluminate you ask?

Don’t be silly, it is the company paying a huge (almost nothing) amount to advertise their product on this website/blog for the next 60 days.

When Elluminate first contacted me, I was sure it was a joke. Up to that point I wasn’t even sure that actual humans were using the website. Actually, I am still not sure.

At that time I had never used Elluminate (or heard of it), but since then I have gotten the opportunity to see it and use it.

My honest opinion (even if they weren’t paying me next to nothing) it is the single greatest product ever produced for our country. Bar none. I am not exaggerating. Really. If I am lying may my daughter go to college on a soccer scholarship.

I think Elluminate is greater than Doritos, bottled water (I can’t believe we pay for tap water in a plastic bottle), 5 gallons of mayonnaise, my DVR, Oreos, satellite radio (I can’t believe we pay for radio), and deodorant (what did they do before?).

To make a long story short; I am stunned any one visits this site, I need some friends, I had never heard of Elluminate, the market for my kid is weak, I still dread soccer games, it is the greatest product ever, I love chips and cookies, and I am very appreciative that I was born after the invention of deodorant.

Click on the Elluminate box and try their free offer. It is a great product.

If you lost count I worked the word Elluminate in 8 times. I mean 9.

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The End of Civilization is Coming (Read Fast).

Passwords Are Driving Me CRAZY!!!I can’t take it anymore. The stress has become unbearable. It is a weight that is crushing me more and more each day.

No, I am not talking about soccer (although I could be), the Iraq War, gas prices, teachers burning popcorn (it’s not that hard to correctly run a microwave people), or the fact that everything on TV is almost unwatchable.

This is more stress piled up on me at a time when I feel terrible about becoming a corporate lackey (not really, it is free cash and if I end up keeping my (?) daughter, she is going to need braces- check the front page of (coming soon) and help a little girl have straighter teeth).

This issue is larger than anything I mentioned in the last paragraph.

It is the fact that I have way too many passwords and I can no longer remember all of them. I truly believe, without a shadow of a doubt, that this may cause the end of our civilization as we know it.

Here is a partial list of passwords bouncing around my head (along with the voices I hear from time to time- again I wish I was kidding, but I am not).

The list:

School email email
Server account
Go Daddy account
My Cell phone
Bank card
Wife’s bank card
Forum login
Forum administrator’s login
Google analytics account
Blog password
12 passwords for TV and Radio stations (weather related- school closings)
Fantasy Football team
Yahoo college football pick’em
My Yahoo account
Principal’s listserv
Superintendent’s listserv
5 Newspapers online
Traffic Facts
IllinoisHighSchoolSports account
Music site for IPOD
ESPN Insider

If you are keeping score at home, by my count this is a crapload. And this is only a partial list because I can’t even remember all the things I need passwords for. This doesn’t even take into account that I need a login name to go with each password. Something needs to be done as I can no longer deal with this problem on my own.

I am not a big government person, but I would vote for the Presidential candidate who can come up with a solution to my problem.

It is almost like you have to recognize and remember a secret code.

Computer/Tech people tell me to use passwords with letters, numbers, and symbols like this: i2h9#AT*/EsO$ccE6r!

How I am supposed to remember that, when I can’t remember my mom’s maiden name, my first car, my wife’s birthday, or what I had for lunch on Tuesday?

I give up. This is an unwinnable battle. Some day people of the future are going to find the remains of our society and ask… “What happened and why did all of the people vanish?”

It won’t be because of floods, wars, or disease. It will be because we had too many passwords and we finally all snapped.

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