Church and School.



I know church and school aren’t supposed to go together (I think it has to do with the small print in the Constitution), but as I sit in church my mind usually wanders towards school.

That isn’t completely true. My mind always wanders, but not necessarily about school.

Does anyone sit in church and think about church?

But that is a topic for another day.

As I was waiting for my daughter to sing in church (that’s why I was there… and you thought I was lost), I begin to think that most people aren’t that excited to be in church (just one person’s opinion… the comment section is at the bottom of this blog).

And that’s what reminded me of school.

Yes, another brainstorm. Some students and parents aren’t all that enthralled with the public school experience.

This got me thinking about private schools (my mind seems to work, or not, in a very random way…).

My experience with private schools is primarily with Catholic schools. And one thing always impresses me about them.

The students and parents seemed to be thrilled with the education they are receiving.

Why is that?

Is it because they pay tuition? Because they got to choose? It can’t just be religious reasons, because students from all denominations attend these schools. Is there another reason?

Something has caused them to “buy” in to their schools.

They seem generally more excited about the education the students are receiving. I also notice that they speak very highly of their teachers and administrators (this is something with which I am not always familiar… the speaking well of administrators).

Don’t even get me started on how well they support their athletic programs (of course winning helps… and they seem to have mastered this).

They just seem to have more passion about their schools than students who are receiving a public education.

Do you think they believe in their school more because it was their choice?

Do families (such as mine) take public education for granted?

Is it better than most people believe?

Does it come too readily available? Does that make us quicker to criticize our local schools?

If everyone had to write a check out for several thousand dollars when they enrolled their children in public education, would we be more appreciative?

This topic ran through my head during the first 5 minutes of the church service.

Then I got distracted by an even bigger topic.


Why do some people call lunch… dinner… and some people call dinner… supper?

Why is that?

The next time I am in church, I hope to get to the bottom of this mystery.

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