Why a Bad Economy will be Good for Schools.

This Poor Guy Has Nothing... but a Bad Suit and Tie.I am guessing this isn’t going to be one of my most popular blog titles.

While many people may think I am crazy, I really think a bad economy can be a positive thing for schools.

How is this possible?

Innovation comes during difficult times. There is really no point in being innovative when things are going well.

In the months and maybe even the years ahead, school districts will need to be innovative to survive (I refuse to use the phrase “think outside the box” and anyone who does should be sent to an island to live out the rest of their sad lives).

As educators we have an unending thirst for money (much like a junior high boy at lunch… never happy with the portions).

We want the local community to give us more.

We want the state to give us more.

We want the federal government to gives us more.

More, more, more.

While I will be the first one in line to say schools could use more money, I wonder how much is enough?

It is not vastly different than elementary teachers who horde construction paper (don’t deny it… you know you do).

Is there a magic amount that would satisfy us? I wish there were, but I doubt it exists.

As educators we can be hard to satisfy (don’t deny this either). It’s like a 3rd grader with a 15 minute recess. They always say the time passes too quickly. I think they would say the same thing if recess lasted 4 hours.

If the government tripled the money they gave us, I have a feeling we would still want 5% more (and I am being gracious, it would be way more than 5%).

There is no doubt that money helps in education, but I don’t think it’s everything.

If you gave me the choice of having more money or being surrounded by people who were innovative, I would take the people.

The challenge…innovation isn’t easy. If it was, everybody would be coming up with new and unique ideas to help students.

In every aspect of life the most successful people are those who are good at Plan B.

And that is what schools are going to need in this economy.

A good Plan B. And possibly a Plan C and D (notice, I didn’t go with Plan F… because that is never a good idea in school).

I am willing to bet by the time the economy picks up, schools will have also improved.

And while less money doesn’t make schools happy, it may just make us better.

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