Lawyers and Teachers.

lawyerI have been thinking about how people and careers are perceived.

After giving this way too much thought, I have concluded that I am confused. I have also decided that as I get older, I am more easily confused.

I tend to get distracted from time to time by these unimportant subjects. I don’t have a clue what causes me to think about them.

And then, after I think about them for days on end, I am left with more questions than answers.

Nothing is ever solved. Just more confusion on my part.

Long story short, people’s perceptions on different occupations have me dumbfounded.

Why is it that everyone hates lawyers?

Lawyers are typically considered to be one of the lowest forms of society. In casual conversation we make fun of them. Mention a lawyer and people react with disdain or a joke.

There have to be at least a 1000 jokes about them and their profession.

Most of these jokes end up with the lawyer waking up dead.

Seems kind of mean spirited. Granted funny, but mean spirited.

While people make fun of lawyers, most of us would be terribly proud if our children went to law school. Broke, but proud.

Yet, we can’t stand lawyers because they are considered bad people. That is unless we need one.

Then we want the most despicable lawyer we can afford.

Teachers on the other hand are generally considered to be in a wonderful profession. Good, honest, hardworking people that we trust to teach our children.

We may consider them slightly foolish, but for the most part they have our admiration.

In large part, society believes teachers serve an important role. We admire them and the work they do.

There aren’t 1000 jokes about teachers. And if there is a joke, the punch line doesn’t end with the teacher drowning… or worse.

While we generally have good feelings towards teachers, lots of people would be disappointed if their child went into this profession.

This seems odd to me. And just the opposite of our feelings towards lawyers.

It’s all very confusing.

We don’t like lawyers, until we need one. And we would be thrilled if our child went to law school.

We love teachers, but it isn’t our first choice for our children as a profession. In some cases, teachers discourage their own kids from following them into teaching.

Shouldn’t we be encouraging our best and brightest to become teachers? Shouldn’t we have that goal for our top 10 students in each class?

Become a teacher… as opposed to being a lawyer.

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