Vote Early. Vote Often. Vote for Joseph Arthur Middle School!

The staff (me) of gets lots of requests to promote education products, businesses, etc.

I usually turn these down based on principal (get it… principal). Mostly, I turn them down because people won’t send me free stuff.

But today I am going to make an exception. Today, I am going to use the Blog for good instead of evil. Today, I am doing something nice for the kids.

An ex-colleague of mine is now principal of Joseph Arthur Middle School in O’Fallon, Illinois. They have have applied for the Good Foods Garden grant provided by Reader’s Digest/Food Network and have been lucky enough to be chosen as one of eight finalists in the nation.

The most votes through a public website will determine who wins. So, they need your help.

Please vote as many times as you please (no limit… it’s just like politics in Chicago).

If you don’t do it for me… do it for the kids.

And I will be patitently waiting for my brand new XL Joseph Arthur Middle School t-shirt.

How to Vote:

Go to the following link and press vote for: Pioneers for Change – Joseph Arthur Middle School

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