Email is Dead, Old People. (Version #2- Not Texted- For the Old People)

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Email vs. Texting.  Email is Losing.As parents we need to understand that email is fast becoming an out of date technology (the kids these days don’t roll with the email). Technology is changing, and we (old people) can’t possibly keep up. Kids need something faster and right now it is text messaging.

If you are foolish enough to think that emailing from your desktop is keeping up with the times, I am about to give you some bad news, old person.

My six-year old school loving, SpongeBob watching (every episode at least 39 times- I am dead serious), bike riding, roller blading, giggling little girl knows more about technology in the first 6 years of her life, than I knew after getting my Master’s Degree from a somewhat accredited university.

We need to come to grips with our future. As parents, we are raising a smarter, more advanced race of people whose only purpose on Earth is to replace us.

Unfortunately, there is nothing funny about this. If you are reading this blog, there is no doubt that you are old and out of date. Even when we think we are cutting edge with our email, maybe even a laptop, our cell phones- we are falling farther and farther behind in using technology each and every day.

We are Pac-Man in an iPod world. We live in the present, they (the new advanced race) are learning for the future.

These very smart, very little people are growing up in a different world. They have no knowledge of rotary phones, why calculators were cool, typewriters, Donkey Kong, Polaroid cameras, 8 track tapes, metal ice cube trays, or why there were phone booths at the gas station.

These kids will never have a checkbook, look at a clock to tell time (they use their cell phones), correct their own spelling on a writing assignment, or know the fear of what will happen at home if they are sent to the principal’s office at school.

They will never remember a world without MySpace, iTunes, Facebook, or YouTube.

We are so out of touch that students take keyboarding, ten years after they are first on a computer.

It is time to admit it. We are old. Not just a little old, I mean really old technology wise. The world is changing quickly. It has advanced since I started typing this blog, three minutes ago (I type fast; in my previous life I was a Keyboarding Teacher).

Young people are not only smarter than we were at the same age, but they are smarter than us now. And they are getting smarter. And smarter. And smarter.

We have no choice. As elderly adults, we must be proactive. We must get out of their way before they (the small people) crush us like bugs. It is time to run and hide and save what little pride we have left.

I am going to lead the charge. I am getting out. It is official, I am done. No more blogs. The next time you read this blog it will be typed (or possibly voiced) by a technologically advanced six-year old.

She can’t decide what she will blog about. She has it narrowed down to that cinematic classic- High School Musical 2, or maybe a blog about the world’s greatest singer, Justin Timberlake, or maybe the best invention in the last twenty-five years- Webkinz (it’s genius, stuffed animals + computer website).

While she is doing that, I am going to work on the VCR- it has been 12:00 pm in our living room since we bought the stupid machine 9 years ago.

My daughter was going to help me, but she needs to post an assignment on her class Wiki (if you are old, you are going to need to Google Wiki…that is ok…I did).

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3 Responses to “Email is Dead, Old People. (Version #2- Not Texted- For the Old People)”

  1. Jen
    on Sep 18th, 2007
    @ 7:56 pm

    Also dead? Voicemail/leaving messages. I feel compelled, if I’ve called a kid (teenagers) and he isn’t picking up, to leave a message. They don’t listen to them. Ever. Because, why would they when they can just call and say, “Wha? Y’djou call?”

    But, I have my small revenges…I’m a mean and restrictive parent (we have no cable, there is no texting on their cellphone plans, we limit television and computer usage time), so instead of being smushed quickly and relatively painlessly, we’re going to die slow lingering deaths.

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