My Unemployed Daughter is a Poet and I Didn’t Know It.

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My 6-year old TV watching, soccer playing, ice cream eating, school loving, golfing, skiing, bike riding, bedroom trashing, unemployed, living rent free daughter has requested a spot to publish her first Christmas poem.


Snowmen are whiteIf She is a Poet... at Least She Will Be Employed.
Santa is red
Santa is coming
So go get in bed

I get up
Look what’s under the tree
A surprise
What is for me?

Presents, presents, and more presents
Red, green, and blue

Merry Christmas!

There may be hope for her after all. I am hoping to live long enough to see her hold a job and in some way contribute to society in a positive way. Anything less than a lengthy stay in federal prison- I will consider a major victory.

Presently she is lying on the couch, enjoying a snack, and watching Nickelodeon.

She’s living the dream.

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