My Days as the Main Man Are Numbered.

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Let the Countdown Begin...For some mysterious reason, there seems to be more interest in my blog when I write about my family than when I write about educational issues.

I do my best to write different types of blogs in the hope that I can keep all 12 readers interested (yes, the Blog continues to grow by 2 or 3 people a year).

My writing style seems to make “editor” types nervous (and by style I mean… actually, I have no idea what I mean because I have no idea what I am doing).

They tell me that the posts for Blog are “all over the place.” One is about my distaste for soccer, another about New Year’s resolutions, then it’s about NCLB, and finally I am giving advice to new principals (unwanted and unasked for advice….but advice none the less).

This blog seems to confuse people with English degrees. I think they would understand it better if they didn’t spend so much time reading books.

While they are confused, the truth is…so am I (maybe I need to read more books… or any books for that matter).

But that’s okay because total confusion is all part of life in education. When you work in a school and you are trying to help raise hundreds of kids, life can get hectic.

But, it’s manageable.

Just as long as you take the job seriously, but not yourself.

Just when I think my life couldn’t get any more hectic, my wife schedules 87 more workshops, my daughter wants to invite 34 girls to her birthday party (bowling… what could possibly go wrong??), and I find myself cruising the internet late at night for cute puppies (this is not a metaphor… my daughter is getting a dog… or I am, time will tell).

Don’t get me wrong. I am not complaining. Lots of families are busier than we are.

They just don’t have a blog to complain about it.

It has taken me 13 paragraphs to get to my point of this blog (maybe the “editor” types are actually on to something).

Lately, I have been busy. So when my daughter told me I was going to spend a Saturday night taking her to a Daddy-Daughter “Main Man” Dance, I did what every clear thinking father would do.

I lied.

Said I was busy. She said I wasn’t.

I said I couldn’t go because I would have the flu that night. She said I was going.

I said I wouldn’t because I am not her real father. She said that since she looks just like me, I was her father and we were going.

My wife didn’t say anything. She was too busy planning her free Saturday night without either of us.

So I gave in and decided to go. I really didn’t have a choice since she had already picked out my suit and tie (black suit, silver tie… I was a vision of handsomeness…).

When we arrived at the dance, I was pleasantly surprised. It wasn’t that bad. Plus as an added bonus, lots of dads looked far more miserable than I did.

We had dinner, desert, and danced.

Slow danced, not fast (I have the rhythm of a middle-aged white guy… actually, it isn’t that good).

As we danced she thanked me for taking her.

If I was sentimental, this would have warmed my heart.

As we concluded the last slow dance, she started to cry. I asked her what was wrong but she wouldn’t tell me.

I chalked it up to a little girl being tired after a long day.

As we headed home, she finally told me what was making her sad.

She thought the dance went by too fast. She said she wanted to spend more time with her “Main Man”.

I am still not sentimental, but that was nice. Very nice.

Now I have a feeling that in the not so distant future, I will be the one thinking that things have gone by way too fast.

And I will be wishing I was still her main man.

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10 Responses to “My Days as the Main Man Are Numbered.”

  1. TIm
    on Feb 27th, 2009
    @ 12:52 am

    Sounds like the evil spawn isn’t so evil after all. You might have to find a new nickname for the child… or not.

    Aren’t girls great, they totally start messing with your head even before they actually know they are doing it. And I have two… eeek! (A good friend has three girls… he shaves his head to hide the fact that he no longer grows hair…)

    I’m not sure what this says about me, but I have always thought the chronology of your posts and the subject stream make perfect sense. (I only minored in English and that was really focused on British literature… blimey!)

    Great post once again maestro.

  2. Pat
    on Feb 27th, 2009
    @ 3:31 am

    I thought this was so sweet and it actually got me teary-eyed! You will always be your daughter’s main man no matter how old either one of you get. I am going to be 50 this year and my dad turns 90 and I am still daddy’s little girl (or so my husband keeps telling me!) :)

  3. Angie
    on Feb 27th, 2009
    @ 8:48 am

    Very sweet post. By the way, a sentence does not a paragraph make. :-)

  4. Jim
    on Feb 27th, 2009
    @ 11:44 am

    That was a very sweet story. I have two sons, and while they provide lots of warm, fuzzy parent/child moments too, I do sometimes wish I had a little girl.
    Not enough to actually have another kid, but still, it would have been nice. And would have given my wife some much-needed relief from the toilet-based humor my sons so enjoy.

  5. eduguy101
    on Feb 28th, 2009
    @ 7:29 am

    Great post.

    I have enjoyed reading your posts for a short while now and this has great meaning for me, as my daughter prepares to graduate high school and venture off to college.

    My role as “main man” has changed over the last 17 years of her life, and I treasure every second I am with her.

  6. Charlie A. Roy
    on Feb 28th, 2009
    @ 11:47 am

    Lovely story and sounds like a great life time memory. I’m blessed with twin boys and my wife is convinced our next child should be a girl. She usually stands over my shoulder and reads blogs along with me. If she sees this post I’m done for.

  7. Ed Shepherd
    on Mar 1st, 2009
    @ 8:55 pm

    This is a great story. I know that I am only going to be the main man in my daughters life for a short time. I can only hope that the one that takes my place does an even better job than I did before he got there.

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