Running a School Doesn’t Count as Exercise.

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Running is Way Different Than Running a School.The working title of this Blog was “School Administrators Are Fat”. My wife thought it was unusually mean, so hence the change.

I almost always follow her judgment because it is impeccable (expect for her choice of spouses, but that’s a decision with which she has to live).

During my extensive travels last week, I noticed some things. Examples of my observations include the rattling air conditioner in my room, the general awkwardness of riding in an elevator with total strangers, and the fact that my Master’s Degree in Administration is of no help to me when I am struggling to open a hotel room door.

By the way, who knew that if you put your room key card next to a credit card it will no longer work. There is so much for me to learn in this great big world.

The number one thing I noticed on the trip is school administrators are fat.

That may sound a little harsh (or a lot harsh), so I take it back. Please forgive me, I didn’t mean fat.

No on second thought that is exactly what I meant. But when I use the word fat, I am saying it in the nicest way possible.

I base this latest theory (and trust me I have a lot of them) on a couple obvious clues.

One; school administrators love the free food. A lot.

A buffet for administrators is as special as a teacher discovering cake in the lounge or a coach being handed a free t-shirt.

The look of joy on a ballroom full of administrator’s faces when they are staring at a line of 27 tables of free fried food is enough to bring a tear to your eye (by the way, try to say “free fried food” 3 times fast… if successful your speech pathologist will be quite proud).

My second clue was the workout room at the hotel. Between 5:30 a.m. and 7:30 a.m. it was a ghost town. It was so quiet in there that I could hear myself sweat (sorry for the graphic description; I apologize if you just ate).

This leads me to believe that administrators don’t exercise or their arteries are so clogged from the free chicken strips, onion rings, and the assorted hor’ dorves that they couldn’t fall out of bed.

And yes, I did have to look up the spelling of hor’ dorves and no I did not try any.

I have two rules about food; one, never eat anything a high school boy has cooked in class and two, never try anything new.

Judge me if you want, but these hard and fast rules have kept me alive.

So the basis of my “school administrators are fat” theory is we love the free food and we don’t like to work out.

I don’t really mean say that we are all fat, but I am attempting to make a point.

For the type of lifestyle we lead, we need to exercise. All administrators should have the goal of being healthier.

Too much stress, long hours, and boring meetings make an administrator susceptible to… well, everything bad.

I have heard administrators say they don’t have enough time to exercise, but we all have the same 24 hours in a day.

Each one of us should set aside 30 minutes each day to exercise by walking, running, doing aerobics, playing golf, or something besides answering emails, handing out detentions, trying to figure out who was smoking in the girl’s restroom, and fixing the latest crisis.

The healthier we are; the better job we will do for students, staff, and the entire school.

So my goal with this Blog is to disprove my own theory. Maybe we aren’t as unhealthy of a group as I think.

There must be an administrator out there who is healthy. There has to be at least one.

I am hoping someone can email me about an administrator who climbs mountains, runs 4 marathons a week, swims 15 miles a day, or wrestles bears and still has time to be in charge of a school.

If you know this person (especially a bear wrestler who is also an administrator), please email me their story. Maybe they will win a prize (or not; the budget is very tight towards the end of the school year).

I want to believe one of us is in great shape (and not fat). Please help me prove myself wrong.

To come up with a theory and then to come up with another theory to prove the first theory wrong takes a great deal of time and effort. But I am willing to go the extra mile for you the reader.

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