Skiing Part II: Am I the Only Parent to Drop Their Kid Off a Ski Lift?


Ski Lifts are Both... Pretty and Scary.It is time to go skiing again. Unfortunately that is only part of the story.

Since the last time we skied, it has been casually mentioned around my house that my parenting skills need to be reviewed.

We visited Wisconsin shortly after the holidays and I wrote Skiing Part I. Days turned into weeks and I never got around to writing Part II. I could say it was because I was so busy, but that wouldn’t be the whole truth.

It was primarily because I was laying low. And I got a little distracted.

Distracted by the “incident”.

While I wasn’t told directly to keep my mouth shut, it was implied. I got the definite feeling that I should remain quiet about what happened (and possibly read a book or 12 on parenting).

Some people may consider the “incident” a big deal, but I think it was all blown out of proportion.

In life, things often happen that our beyond our control. Certain situations occur for which we can’t possibly prepare.

Life is complicated and never as simple as we would like.

I am here to make the case that I did nothing wrong.

I deserve the benefit of the doubt.

Before you judge me, please hear me out.

I think the following question needs to be asked; who among us hasn’t dropped their only child off a ski lift?


I am the only one. Really? Are you sure?

Well, this is awkward.

Who knew.

Okay, maybe you do need to judge me. This isn’t going as well as I had hoped.

In my defense, I didn’t mean to drop her off the moving ski lift that was at the most 30 feet in the air. It wasn’t like it was premeditated.

To make a long story short, I thought I had her on the ski lift chair… turns out I didn’t… she slid forward and almost fell off… but she didn’t… her mom was standing 10 feet away watching… and not happy.

When I say not happy, I don’t just mean not happy. I mean reeeeeally not happy.

Thank goodness that the carney worker running the lift saw the horror (me dropping her and the look on mom’s face).

If a lawyer had been around, I think mom would have grabbed him, chased me down, and then beaten me to a pulp by slamming our skulls together. If I survived, I am pretty sure she would have sued what was left of my mangled body.

I don’t know what would have become of the lawyer, but who really cares (this example is hypothetical and after all he is just a lawyer).

Although mom didn’t chase me down, or beat me up, it was very evident that she is quite fond of her daughter (and not that happy with me).

After an ugly incident like this, I think it is important to put it behind us and move forward.

So, we are going skiing again and I will try to be a better father. If I don’t endanger my child’s life, the trip will be considered a rousing success.

Raising a child is complicated and I have discovered they don’t come with an instruction manual.

No one mentioned in parenting class that my daughter might slip off the ski lift if I didn’t hold on to her tightly enough.

This isn’t completely true (or true at all).

I didn’t take a parenting class (I was busy coaching… this isn’t helping my case is it?). I had a choice… games or class.

As I look back, the class might have been the better choice. Hindsight is 20/20.

Wish me luck this weekend as I play in the snow.

If you happen to see a guy on the ski lift with his child dangling below, don’t wave.

You see… I can’t wave back. Who says there isn’t humor in difficult situations?


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