Take My Advice; Don’t Mess with a Woman Who Has Papers to Grade.

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She Doesn't Like Grading Papers.School has started and my wife is a little stressed. She had a hectic summer. Busy with school work, technology workshops (RecessWebDesigns), fixing all of the problems on this website, and generally making sure that I don’t make a huge mess out of my life.

She is a good girl and a very good mom (if this blog falls into the wrong hands I hope this sentence pacifies her).

Now she is trying to get back into the groove and the daily routine of school. Each year it takes her a little while to get her students trained in how she wants them to act and behave in her classroom.

Every school year she starts out worried that her kids will “never get it”, but they always do and she is sad to see them move on at the end of the year.

She has assured me (again this year, like clockwork) that she isn’t stressed. Well, it is not so much that she is assuring me, but more like she is raising her voice in a high-pitched squeaky manner (some would say angry- although I definitely would not, especially out loud).

In the tone of her voice, there is a certain hint of mess with me and I will put rat poison in the next batch of chocolate chip muffins.

It isn’t that she is mad at me; she is just too busy and doesn’t have the time or patience for me talking to her, looking at her (especially when I make direct eye contact), asking her questions, or even being in the same two-block area.

On no, she is walking toward me with a big stack of papers to grade. She is mumbling something about lessons plans…..I have got to go…..at this point I fear for my well-being….if there isn’t a new blog in the next couple of days please notify the authorities….oh no… she just read the first two paragraphs………run…………..save yourselves……………………………

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2 Responses to “Take My Advice; Don’t Mess with a Woman Who Has Papers to Grade.”

  1. "The Wife"
    on Sep 3rd, 2007
    @ 6:55 am

    He didn’t mention that I have the patience level that qualifies me for “sainthood”…after all, look with whom I am dealing!

  2. Mindy
    on Sep 3rd, 2007
    @ 9:41 am

    I’m enjoying your writing style. And the viewpoint from a principal. (I’m an elementary teacher.)

    Just wanted to say that I’m reading, to encourage you to keep going with your blog. I know that sometimes when you don’t hear from people, you wander if anyone’s out there reading it!

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