There is a lot of Pressure Running the Free World.

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Mr. President... at Least on TV.As another summer comes to an end (yea!!- that is what we call sarcasm), another school year is just about upon us. I was thinking how the 2007-2008 school year will be entirely different from previous years. Each year has its own feel and its own set of circumstances to deal with.

Last year was a very good one. The students were well-behaved, the staff did an excellent job, and the parents were supportive and helpful. Even though things went smoothly, I must admit that I did spend most of the year under a great deal of pressure.

The first time I walked into the 2nd grade classroom, a few students yelled- “Mr. President”. I didn’t think much of it at the time, but the next time I visited the class most of the students yelled- “Mr. President”. At the time I thought that the students would figure it out, or the teacher would let them know that while I was very powerful (more sarcasm) and willing to lead if called upon- I was in fact not the President of the United States.

The entire year went by and in the hallway, in the gym, at recess, I was always Mr. President. At some point, I figured some people just have greatness thrust upon them and I had an obligation to the 2nd graders to be the President. More truthfully, I was in too deep and I didn’t have the heart to tell them the truth.

There is a lot of pressure in being Mr. President during these trying times. I didn’t feel that I had the proper training to deal with the health care, taxes, negotiating treaties, and dealing with Congress. Quite frankly, I felt a little underprepared.

I just don’t recall any of my professors during my undergraduate or graduate classes explaining how to handle the difficult decisions I would face in holding this office.

Also, about halfway through the year I realized that Al Gore received more votes than I did, but nobody was calling him Mr. President. George Bush and I finally had something in common (also sarcasm for those of you who read this- does anyone read this?).

My only regret was in my year in office I wasn’t able to accomplish more. Turns out, time goes fast when you’re leading the largest democratic country in the free world. I looked up and it was already the month of May. The 2nd graders would soon be 3rd graders and it was possible that my time as President was coming to an end.

I guess I will find out the first day of school if I get another term in office or the students will have decided that my time in the Oval Office has come to an end.

When I was hired to be principal, people told me that I would face all kinds of situations, but I never imagined that 2nd graders would expect me to solve the problems in the Middle East.

I wish I could have done more, but it seemed like I was always getting bogged down with lunch duty and detentions. The war will have to wait, the secretary says our last typewriter is broke and I am no repairman.

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