Throwing Rocks is Never the Answer.

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As we approach the Christmas season, I am once again amazed by the craziness that infests our schools like rats on an ocean liner.

The kids are jumpy. The teachers are getting tired of the jumpy kids. The parents are tired of their jumpy kid and any other jumpy student that looks at, speaks to, or heaven forbid touches their kid.

It is time for everyone to take a two week time out.

I will be thankful if my luck continues to hold and it doesn’t start to snow really hard one of these mornings. Students and teachers looking out the window and seeing falling snow is like throwing gas on a fire.

The jumpiness will go to the next level (if that is possible). Don't Throw Rocks!

The cure for this is for all of us to spend some time cooped up in our own house with our relatives. School won’t seem so bad after about 48 hours of your creepy brother-in-law (if you don’t have a creepy brother-in-law, please feel free to insert uncle, ex-husband/wife, mother, boss, or guy down the street that always stares when you walk by).

This blog wasn’t meant to be about pre-Christmas craziness, but thanks for listening (at least I feel a littler better; it is good to vent).

My intention when I sat down at the computer was to address why teachers are not paid more.

I have a fascination with the on-going complaint by people in education about how we don’t get paid enough.

This could be because I was a business major in college. I don’t care what you have heard, business majors are cool. If you don’t believe me, ask another business major.

The amazing thing is that some people seem shocked and surprised they don’t make more money. Did everyone they ever came in contact with keep it a secret that teachers don’t become millionaires?

Everyone in education seems to be obsessed with the idea that they should make more money. I believe there is a logical explanation to this never ending question (complaint; whatever).

The reason educators don’t get paid more is quite simple.

The answer lies in the textbook for Intro to Business 101 (I got an A- by the way).

It is supply and demand. Lots of people want to be teachers, so school districts don’t have to raise salaries more than a few percent each year.

I can almost hear my email inbox filling up with people telling me about the lack of Latin teachers in the inner city of Helena, Montana.

Sure, there are always going to be shortages in certain academic areas in different parts of the country, but overall lots of people want to teach and there are a limited number of positions.

Therefore, prices (salaries) stay down. Somewhere, my college Intro to Business professor is smiling (or creeping out his neighbors as they walk by his house- hard to tell at this point, but I am almost positive he couldn’t have gotten less creepy in the last twenty years).

So there you have it. Too many teachers and not enough jobs. Salaries aren’t going to rise dramatically any time soon.

No need to complain, or make the argument about how we are touching the future, or even that baby sitters make more per hour than educators.

I could walk outside right now and throw a rock and hit 14 recent college graduates who are looking for their first teaching position.

But like we teach our students; throwing rocks is never the answer.

Plus, I am afraid to leave the house because it might be snowing. And during this time of year the thought of that makes me jumpy.

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3 Responses to “Throwing Rocks is Never the Answer.”

  1. Meister
    on Dec 13th, 2007
    @ 8:42 pm

    You come back from Canada and expect to get comfortable with this subject matter. I’ve got a heads up for ya, those people that just ran over the homeschoolers in their Humvees and Lexuses are teachers that aren’t paid enough! AND THEY ARE LOOKING FOR YOU!

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