Why Does Everyone Need a Villain?

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Everyone Hates a Villian, But Everyone Needs a Villian.The older I get, the more I wonder why everyone needs someone at which to be mad. Sometimes I think this type of attitude has replaced baseball (really football) as our national pastime.

Think about it. Everyone is pitted against someone.

Children vs. Parents. Parents vs. Teachers. Teachers vs. Children, Parents, and Administrators. Administrators vs. Everyone (sorry, it’s been a long week). Workers vs. Bosses and Bosses vs. Workers. Democrats vs. Republicans. Unions vs. Employers. George Bush vs. Iraq. Yankees vs. Red Sox. Cops vs. Robbers. Rapper vs. Rapper. Me vs. Soccer Guy and Teacher who can’t make popcorn. James Bond vs. Evil Guy who is usually holding a cat (you will never find a dog lover who wants to rule the world). And finally, Rosie vs. Donald Trump (actually, bad example, I just went too far- please file this one under no one cares).

I could go on and on.

Now, admittedly this is not always true. But, you must admit it is true more times than not.

You have a better chance of hearing a Democratic politician bad mouth a Republican politician than saying something nice and respectful. Unions need issues to rail against, or else what is the point of participating in a union? We watch movies to see the good guy win. Sports fans root for their team and against another team they hate.

Without the Red Sox, what fun is it to be a Yankee fan? We evidently need these opponents in our lives. If I suddenly decide to like sports where you can’t use your hands or I begin to like the smell of burnt popcorn, I will personally lose 2/3 of my best material.

People barely care about Rosie and Donald Trump, but somehow when they dislike each other they become slightly more interesting.

The question is why does it have to be this way? Are humans incapable of being happy unless they are a little unhappy? Sorry, I just went a little Carrie Bradshaw on you (if you missed this one, you obviously have basic cable).

Do we always have to have a villain? Is it possible that this feeling makes us strive for better and work harder and do our best?

Maybe there is an actual scientific reason. Maybe our bodies need the adrenaline rush we get when we are angry or don’t like something. Maybe, just maybe it is simpler and we just enjoy being mean to each other.

More likely, we just need to get over ourselves and act a little nicer. We should all take a moment, stop by the kindergarten room, and follow their lead.

Respect other adults, play with everyone, share our toys, say thank you and please, don’t hit each other, hold hands, kiss and hug our loved ones, drink our milk, and take a nap about 1:30.

If you remember these few rules, I will still give you permission to dislike Rosie or Trump- your choice, because they are both idiots.

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