A Free Trip to Miami. Thanks AASA.

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I’m going to Miami, but I’m sure you already figured that out.

In mid-October I will be taking my first official business trip (I’m such a big boy).

Did I mention it’s to Miami?Miami... Here I Come!

For those of you that don’t teach geography… that’s in Florida. Where it’s warm.

Did I mention it’s a free trip?

The mere thought of rubbing elbows with Crockett and Tubbs (80’s reference) is almost more excitement than I can handle.

I’m not sure how many miles it is to Miami but I know it’s a long way from hall duty.

The American Association of School Administrators have invited me to be a small part of a focus group about the development of a school leadership simulation online program (I say a small part because in case they read this… I want to lessen expectations to the point that if I string together a halfway intelligent sentence, they will consider my participation a success).

I’m not sure what a “school leadership simulation program” is, but I would rather be confused in Miami than have everything under control on hallway duty.

Did I mention this trip is free?

I’ve said it before and I will say it again, what in the world is the AASA thinking?

It was one thing to publish my little blog in The School Administrator Magazine, but picking up my expenses is another thing (can anyone say $14 M & M’s from the hotel mini-bar?).

Let’s think about this. They are flying me to Miami to ask my opinion. They could have gotten the very same “Barely Thought Out Almost Boarding on a Complete Lack of Knowledge Opinion” from me if they had just asked.

I do have a cell phone.

Or they could have Skyped me.

Or possibly emailed.

But whatever. I’m willing to do my part. I’m willing to take one for the team.

So, I am stepping up to the plate and flying to Miami (by myself, which is a first… did I mention what a big boy I am?).

And did I happen to mention the trip is free?

Note from wife: I feel the need to point out that his first plane trip was just 4 years ago when we flew to NECC in San Diego. He has never flown alone and while he is claiming to be a “big boy”, I am feeling a little like a nervous mother. If you see a lost 40-something angry bald man in a suit roaming through the Atlanta airport, will you please contact me?

Here is a link to help with figuring the trip details from our little town in IL to Miami FL. I not only love and use this site regularly, but my company RecessTEC is demoing its use for all classrooms (don’t be afraid to visit us at www.RecessTEC.com as I have time on my hands since I don’t have to make dinner for PrincipalsPage when he is in Florida).

http://www.wolframalpha.com – Type Tuscola, Illinois to Miami, Florida.

How far is from your town to Miami?

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5 Responses to “A Free Trip to Miami. Thanks AASA.”

  1. Michelle Howell-Martin
    on Sep 29th, 2009
    @ 3:18 am

    Hey! I’m in Port Orange (about 5 hours from Miami). Enjoy the entrance into the “dry season” here in Florida. The weather in Miami should be delightful.

  2. Big R.
    on Sep 29th, 2009
    @ 1:42 pm

    Say Hi to Crockett for me. I never liked Tubbs, so you can just ignore him :) .

  3. Pat
    on Oct 1st, 2009
    @ 4:37 am

    Msg to wife: I am about 2 hrs. from Atlanta (in SC) so call me if my hubby and I need to rescue him at Atlanta airport. We could always drive him to Miami if necessary! :)

  4. brachsmith
    on Oct 1st, 2009
    @ 5:09 am

    Pat – THANKS! I am feeling better already about the whole thing! I may need to take you up on that. ;)

    Michael Smith Reply:

    @brachsmith, You realize I read the comments… right????

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