As I Hurdle Towards the Sweet Relief of Death.

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I just had my 45th birthday.  At least I think it was my 45th.I Need This Car.

At this point, I’ve lost track.  And really don’t care.

My theory is any birthday from this point forward beats the alternative.

If I really think about it (and I try not to), my life is probably half over.

It’s probably more than half over, but I’ve convinced myself with advances in medicine, an occasionnal walk around the neighborhood, and only eating17 cookies instead of 21, I should live until at least 90.

Not that I want to be that old, but again it probably beats the alternative of a dirt nap.

Since the clock is ticking I should really get on with accomplishing something (anything) before it’s too late.

I shouldn’t waste my last few remaining good years watching TV, tweeting, mowing my yard, or even going to work.

I should be making the world a better place.

My time should be spent on charity work.  Traveling.  Maybe building a school for the less fortunate.

Meanwhile, I’m shuffling paperwork and worrying about mandated testing.

This doesn’t seem right.

I’m on the clock.  I have things I need to do.

And first on the list:  Mid-life crisis.

So if you need me, I’ll be driving way too fast in my brand new red convertible I can’t afford sporting a mustache and wearing a tight shirt unbuttoned two buttons lower than appropriate.

Once I get this phase out of my system, I can help build a school.

Or at least mow my yard.

*Note from editor in chief…aka…tech-geek wife or whatever it is you call me on this "blog"…ummmm…it’s 46 and no…just no…on the mustache and unbuttoned shirt that is…I am totally good with the brand new red convertible.  Maybe I am having a mid-life crisis too…after all I turned 39 this year.

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3 Responses to “As I Hurdle Towards the Sweet Relief of Death.”

  1. Pat
    on Sep 29th, 2013
    @ 3:24 pm

    Happy birthday! I just had a birthday too and let me tell you, 54 is a pretty good age too! You can blame all of your actions (good or bad) on your age. You wouldn’t believe how much old people get away with (such as body sounds in public! – not me of course, I’m talking about other old people). Since my father is still going strong at 94, I’m not sure I’ve reached middle age yet…

  2. Diane
    on Sep 29th, 2013
    @ 7:46 pm

    I just turned 50 and I gotta tell you-those AARP discounts are great! LOL

  3. Brian Hunicke
    on Jan 22nd, 2014
    @ 10:08 pm

    I had a hell of a year last year. My father passed away suddenly from prostate cancer. I spoke to him 2 hours before he died. I told him to get to the hospital and that I was on my way (an 11 hour drive). I called my father’s neighbor and demanded that he take my father to the hospital, but when he got to the house my father had passed away on the floor. Shortly after my father passed away my step-father was diagnosed with prostate cancer, my mom had her second knee replaced, and I had to have a titanium plate bridge two of my vertebrae to keep my arm from going dead!

    I thought about my grandfather, my great grandfather, and my uncle. All had passed away before the age of 70. Here comes my midlife crisis! I was teaching physical science to 7th, 8th, and 9th graders in a junior high school. I had about 20% of the kids who loved science, about 50% that loved the change of pace, and the rest depended on the day. I worked 60-70 hours a week and still couldn’t manage to create the best lesson plan every day. I was exhausted every night, and I felt like I was spinning my wheels. I remember my father telling me a couple months earlier that I need to be happy with what I was doing because life is too short.

    I resigned my position after 13 years in the trenches. I sold my father’s home and jumped both feet in to the world of programming and education. I originally entered the teaching profession to expose and guide students to as many professions and teaching/learning techniques as possible. What I found was a black hole. I was so busy jumping through bureaucratic hoops I didn’t have time to explore and create the lessons I wanted to. Ask any teacher across America, and they will tell you the same story. So I joined up with a couple fellow teachers and created a website called,

    We started with a site called that had practice tests based on George Rasch’s IRT, but it was not enough. is a collaboration platform that allows teachers to create, copy, edit, and share assessment and lesson plans. The idea is that if every teacher shares their best lesson and or assessment then teachers can raise the bar and give themselves time to add their own twist. Our next phase of the program is to go out to the private sector to create lessons and assessment based on every day businesses and careers.

    So that is my personal midlife crisis. Hopefully I can make a bigger difference in the education world, if not my retirement plan involves the Peace Corps and a straw hut in Africa!

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