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Why I Love

I don’t blog for money (obviously). 

Or bribes.

Ocassionally, I will blog for a free t-shirt, but that’s not the case here.

A few weeks ago, I was approached about an area rug for an elementary classroom.

As luck would have it, I had both a classroom and a need for a rug.

Who knew?

This is where the good people a came along.

They provided a great rug for one of our preschool classrooms.

Please keep in mind I can’t be bought (unless it’s a free t-shirt), so when I say this is a wonderful product you can believe me.

If you find yourself and your school needing a rug or any of their products, check out

You won’t be disappointed.

When you visit their site use the coupon code PrincipalsPage. It is for $20 off and is good until August 31, 2013.

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NASSP Principal Leadership Magazine: Principals and Busses.

It’s March.

Another edition of Principal Leadership Magazine.

This version has me breaking the bad news about busses.

If you don’t know what I mean, you’ve never been a school principal.

New principals discover what I know roughly 10 minutes into their first day on the job.

Actually, that’s an exaggeration.

It’s within 5 minutes.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.  Principal Leadership is the best digital magazine in our business.

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They Should Teach This in Superintendent School.

When you go to Superintendent School they teach you a lot of things.Just Say It!

Such as, superintendents get paid more than principals (I got an A on this quiz… nailed it!).

Usually, this lesson is enough to pique one’s interest.

They also teach you about public relations, finances, and school law.

That’s the good part.

The bad part is they don’t teach you everything.  Some things you just have to learn on the job.

This is not very reassuring…for the superintendent and school board.

Lots of Responsibility + Lack of Knowledge = Ruh Roh, Raggy!

In a perfect world, superintendents would be prepared when they started their new careers, but as you might’ve heard, the world isn’t always perfect (if this is news to you… I’m sorry you had to hear it here).

The superintendentcy is a big job, so I can’t really blame universities if some things fall through the cracks.

Not to complain but… there is one little tidbit I would like to see college professors share before diplomas are handed out.

Teach future educational leaders how to say "No".

Everyone can say "Yes", but only a select few can say "No".

I think this gets many people into trouble.  It’s almost like new superintendents need a safe word.

Personally, mine is "Serenity now!" (if you see me screaming this while huddled in a corner rocking back and forth in a fetal position… please back away slowly… and notify the authorities).

Saying no sounds simple, but it’s hard.

Really hard.

Especially for people who haven’t been taught.

I want it noted this is the only blog where you get  Superintendent talk mixed in with Seinfeld and Scooby-Doo references.  You’re welcome.

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When you break it down, it’s really quite simple.life2

This does explain why preschool was so challenging.

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Wait a Second.

Isn’t there an “A” in education? (and it’s been pointed out… is there an “A” missing in American?)

Have we become too dependent on spell check?

Good news is it tasted great.cake

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I Hate Copiers.

Am I the only one who has an intense loathing for copying machines?

Why is it every single time I use one it’s out of paper?

How is it I’m the only person in America who is refilling these machines?

Surely, somewhere a copier runs out of paper and someone steps up and reloads it with a couple of reams of paper.

It’s mathematically impossible that I’m the only one doing this.

But it happens.Copier Down.  Big Surprise.

Day after day.

Week after week.

It’s my version of Groundhog Day (an underrated film by the way).

I’ve even tried to wait these dastardly machines out.

I stand off to the side until some poor soul comes along and actually refills it.

And you know what happens when I go to use it a mere seconds after they’re finished?

Out of paper.

Every time.

It never fails.

These machines hate me.

I’m a college graduate and yet I’m clueless how to undo a paper jam in a copier (to make me feel worse, they even provide a map).

Don’t even get me started on what happens when you need to make one copy right before an important meeting.


Just one.

A single copy.

Machine is broke.

There is always a handwritten sign taped to the top of the machine that says “Out of Order”.

Which really means “The copier knew you were coming and it went on vacation because it thinks you are a gigantic loser”.

But luckily for me, I only need one copy for a meeting starting in 30 seconds.

And the repair guy is coming.

In four days.

As humans we invented them to make our lives easier.

And yet the only thing they do is mock me.

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Are You Ready for Shcool?


They are at Southern Guilford High School in Greensboro, North Carolina.

Well, they almost are.

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Signs You Might Be a School Administrator.

You associate the Winter Music Program with at least 3 students becoming suddenly ill.  On stage.

When you think about report card day, your first thought is about how many times your phone will ring that evening.Signs.

You consider a 3-day weekend to be an extended mental health break.

You know of a countdown to summer vacation.  In January.

You tense up when someone says “Do you have a minute?”

You really tense up when someone says “I’m not one who normally complains, but…”

Your monthly calendar starts and stops on School Board Meeting night.

You consider your day to be good or bad depending on how the lunch hour went.

The word “busses” makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up.

Getting home early means you are only 45 minutes late.

When eating out, you sit on the side of the table that allows you to see people coming towards you.

You associate “I need a sub” with “Ugh.”

When your phone rings, you automatically think it’s bad news.  See: “I need a sub.”

You know people who believe “change” is a 4-letter word.

While shopping, you avoid parents by ducking into another aisle.

Supervision of ballgames makes you wonder why you just didn’t become a police officer.

You can tell if a student is lying by simply looking at them.

You’ve broken up a fight.  Between adults.

You can no longer hear the bells ring between classes, but you can hear a student mumble your name from 200 yards away.

Retirement Dinners are considered a “Date Night” with your spouse.

At least one parent has used your name in a sentence as a curse word.

You find snow days enjoyable.  You find the day before a snow day (when students/staff are anticipating it) miserable.

You know your desk has a top.  You just can’t remember the last time you saw it.

Last but not least (additions are welcome), you have the ability to raise your voice to a level that instantly makes hundreds of children stop dead in their tracks.

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5 Things I Haven’t Done (and Everyone Else Has).

This Makes My Belly Hurt.1. Drank a cup of coffee.

2. Seen a Star Wars, Star Trek, or Harry Potter movie.

3. Ridden a roller coaster.

4. Owned a pair of sandals.

5. Eaten a Big Mac.

List inspired by (stolen from) the Mike and Mike ESPN Radio Show.

Add your own list under comments… or create a list on your blog. Please leave the link in the comment section so the readers can take a look.

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