Discovery Education: Beyond the Textbook Forum.

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The easiest blog to write is on the topic of how I love free stuff (but I think I’ve already written that blog… a couple of times).

Any day I get free stuff is a good day (for the record these days don’t come nearly often enough).

A free trip to Washington, D.C. is a very very good day (I’m a patriot after all).

So when I received an invitation to attend the Beyond the Textbook Forum at Discovery Communications in the District of Columbia, I immediately thought one thing.

There’s obviously been a mistake.

When I saw a list of the other attendees, it confirmed there had been a huge misunderstanding.

I could list the other attendees, but I want to protect their reputations at least until I meet them.

In Discovery’s words, the forum was put together to bring an eclectic group of educators together for a conversation about digital textbooks (I think they just called me weird).

It’s a full day of brainstorming.  Not sure how much I can help, but I know this.

If you pay for my flight and hotel, I’m more than happy to share my thoughts on just about any subject (note to others putting together forums or conferences… I can be bought and I’m really quite cheap).

Best case scenario, I fly in, stay at a fancy hotel, and share my thoughts on digital textbooks.

Better case, Discovery offers me a job (I prefer to start out as a Vice-President of Something… with at least 16 weeks of vacation.. and hopefully very little actual responsibility).

Perfect case, they buy my "Road School" televsion show idea.

Actually, who am I kidding.

Perfect case is my flight is on time.  They feed me.  And I get some dirt on 20 of the top educators in the world that I can use in future blogs.

I’m pretty sure no one will sit by me or talk to me in fear I will disparage their hard-earned reputation in a future blog. 

They would be right by the way.

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7 Responses to “Discovery Education: Beyond the Textbook Forum.”

  1. Wozza
    on Mar 11th, 2012
    @ 1:18 am

    Called ‘a jolly’ when I taught in England. A great term I thought!

  2. Porter Palmer
    on Mar 11th, 2012
    @ 10:27 am

    Looking forward to finally connecting with you IRL.

  3. Christine
    on Mar 12th, 2012
    @ 7:39 am

    I’m bummed they didn’t invite me! Can’t wait to read about it.

  4. Wesley Fryer
    on Mar 14th, 2012
    @ 5:02 pm

    Looking forward to meeting you! Am really looking forward these discussions. :-)

  5. Dean Shareski
    on Mar 16th, 2012
    @ 4:04 pm

    Look forward to meeting you. I’m weird too, that’s why they hired me.

  6. Michael Doyle
    on Mar 16th, 2012
    @ 9:53 pm

    “Eclectic” may be our defining characteristics–and I look forward to meeting everyone.

    “Weird” may be more accurate.

    Still, we’ll have fun, spew off a few good ideas and thousands of silly ones, share tales, and, perhaps, form some kindred crew of off-beat sailors roaming on the edu-tech seas.

    Heck, if Steve Dembo’s willing to take a chance on a Luddite or two, he’s a good egg.

    See you in a couple of days!

  7. Alfred Thompson
    on Mar 17th, 2012
    @ 9:21 pm

    Sob. No one invited me. Of course not much reason they should but still I hate to miss stuff like this.

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