Famous People Read This Blog. Or More Likely; He Lost a Bet.

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Another Opportunity to Post About Mike Rowe.Today, I am proud to announce that the PrincipalsPage.com Blog had its most famous visitor (that I know of… there could be others… but probably not).

Alan November was kind enough to stop by and leave a comment on “Travel Does Stink, But Alan November Was Great” (and no, I didn’t pay him… not that I wouldn’t, I just can’t afford it).

He qualifies as our most famous visitor because he has his own website, people pay to hear him speak, and it’s my blog so I get to decide who is famous and who isn’t. Please don’t confuse Mr. November with Alan Rickman, Alan Thicke, Alan Keyes, Alan Arkin or Alan Jackson (pretty much all of the famous people with the first name of Alan that I could think of).

As I mentioned before, if you get a chance to hear him speak; run don’t walk. You will learn more about technology in education than you could have ever imagined.

I have no idea why he picked that particular blog on which to leave a omment, but I am assuming he lost some sort of bet and was forced to read it (and possibly because his name was in the title).

You would think that he would be too busy to read this meaningless drivel, but life continues to surprise me.

Since I have officially named Mr. November our most famous guest, I want to thank him. And just as importantly, whoever forced him to read the blog.

Hopefully, he has opened the floodgates and the blog will be flooded by even more famous people.

Actually, I have never understood the fascination with famous people. Aren’t they just like us; only with nicer cars and better hair?

I have always been dumbfounded by the paparazzi following them and taking their picture coming out of Starbucks; or people hounding them for their autograph; and especially the fact that they need to thank God for their latest award (isn’t God too busy to worry about this year’s Best Supporting Actress?).

I usually find famous people odd and a little sad.

But if Mike Rowe stopped by and left a comment, that’s another story. Quick, someone bet him.

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3 Responses to “Famous People Read This Blog. Or More Likely; He Lost a Bet.”

  1. Dave Sherman
    on May 18th, 2008
    @ 9:22 pm

    Alan November is the single most influential person in my Web 2.0 life (with Will Richardson a close second). Alan worked with our school district for almost two years, and he completely turned me on to blogging, wikis, Skype, podcasting, and the rest of the fun tools we should be using with kids in schools. I have attended Alan’s last two BLC conferences, and I highly recommend them to anyone interested in leading his or her school toward the use of 21st Century skills with students. Our school district uses November Learning software for our blogging needs.

    On another note, I am totally in love with your blog! I have been reading blog posts and writing my own posts for more than two years, and I think yours may be the best blog for school principals I have ever seen. I am glad I found it, and I will continue to read your stuff in the future.

  2. micsmith
    on May 19th, 2008
    @ 3:28 pm

    Best??? Come on. Top 5 maybe, but best?

    This Blog has always taken a great deal of pride in striving for mediocrity.

    And I will settle for nothing less and especially nothing more.

    Thanks for the kind thoughts though.

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