Gas Prices are Bad, but Razor Blades are Worse.

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Americans have made a sport of complaining about the price of gas in this country. I have spent an enormous amount of time (actually very little) analyzing, studying, and contemplating this problem.

I am now ready to offer a solution (in the last couple paragraphs… don’t skip ahead… you’re on the honor system and you don’t want to be thrown out of the circle of trust).

We live in a great country with good jobs and a standard of living that the rest of the world would give anything to attain.

Now don’t get me wrong, America has its share of challenges and problems. In a democracy there are always going to be issues that need to be addressed.

I think we are probably more aware of our problems because the political party not in power is very willing to point them out. Razor Blades are Expensive.  Beards are Cheaper.

If only they were in charge, things could be improved overnight. This last sentence was written by a person who believes that on every ballot there should be 3 choices: a Democrat, a Republican, and a – None of the Above- (too bad we can’t have a President None of the Above).

I think we are obsessed with the price of gas because we are inundated with its ever changing price. You can’t drive 3 blocks without seeing a giant sign with the latest price of gas. Every time it increases 10 cents, we are all in for a bad day and a mild case of depression (meanwhile whoever invented the $2.84.9 is a genius).

This makes it a constant topic of discussion at school, work, or wherever angry Americans who don’t want to pay more for gas gather.

If other products advertised in the same way as gas stations do, our society would become enamored and obsessed and angry with those products.

If the price of bottled water, oil changes, haircuts, bread, milk, or razor blades were posted on 4 foot signs every 3 blocks wouldn’t we tend to direct our hate at those companies?

Gas prices are bad, but the cost of 5 disposable razor blades is the closest thing to highway robbery that I have ever experienced. When I have to buy them, it is like my own personal mugging at Wal-greens (insert your favorite drug store here).

I have to admit that just thinking about purchasing razor blades makes me feel violated and dirty (you have no right to treat me like a piece of meat Gillette people!!!!)

We need to get over the whole gas price thing. We live in a country where middle-class families live in $250,000 homes with 5 bathrooms and yet we think the world is coming to an end when gas tops $3.00 a gallon.

Don’t get me wrong, I would like to pay less for gas but I realize it is my choice.

It’s not the President’s fault, the government’s fault, or even the fault of the countries in the Middle East. It is my/our fault.

Are the gas companies gouging us, price fixing, and generally charging whatever they want and making billions of dollars doing so?


But ultimately, it is our fault. We continue to drive large vehicles that use a lot of gas. We think nothing of making 4 trips a day instead of combining our errands.

We live 30-40 minutes away from our jobs and think nothing of it. We will drive 30 miles to shop, get a haircut, see a movie, or eat at an Applebee’s (or Ruby Tuesday’s, or O’Charley’s. or TGIFriday’s, or a thousand other restaurants- they are all the same if you haven’t noticed).

So here is your solution. Drive less in a smaller vehicle. When we do, gas prices will drop. Until then, we might as well get over it.

Now I have to go gas my Ford F-150. I need to run to town because I forgot something on my first 3 trips.

Man, gas is expensive. I don’t think I can afford to shave tomorrow.

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    Is Christmas break gonna be the 12 days of bloggin? Keep ‘em coming! I need to laugh. My abs are getting ripped with my subscription to your blog!

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