Going to a Job Interview? Take This Advice With You.

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I’m a little late on this blog.If You're Looking for a Job... Good Luck .

Most administrators (new and old) who are changing jobs have probably already done so by now.

My bad.

If you want, you can sue me (you wouldn’t be the first person to threaten legal action… this year… or today).

In the last couple of months, things have been hectic in the exciting world of education.  Of course, if you work in or near a school you already knew this.

Changing jobs can be a nerve-racking experience (so I’ve been told).

This might be especially true if you like your present position (and there are actual school administrators who like their jobs).

Eventually everyone moves on to bigger and better (unless you’ve been fired… then you may have to move on to smaller and worse).

The lifespan of a school administrator is roughly… not very long.

I don’t have actual statistics (too lazy to Google), so just for the sake of this blog let’s say it’s 3.64 years (I thought if I threw in a decimal it would seem like I actually knew what I’m talking about).

Once you hit this magic number it may be time to move on.

The challenge is where do you go?

What job should you take?

First, you need a school that is willing to hire you.  Personally, this makes me nervous because do I really want to work for a district that would hire me (think about it)?

I think this is where some administrators make a mistake.

Don’t just take a job to take a job.

Don’t get mesmerized by the money, benefits, or the offer of a brand new stapler (which I desperately need by the way).

There is something far simpler that is more important.

You want (and need) a job where you are surrounded by people who have a vested interest in your success.

This may seem kind of basic, but it’s important.

Without this type of support, you are almost certainly doomed to fail.

You may want the new job to go well, but if the people above, below, and around you don’t want it to be a success… it won’t be.

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3 Responses to “Going to a Job Interview? Take This Advice With You.”

  1. AllanahK
    on May 24th, 2010
    @ 10:02 pm

    The trick is though- when you get that new job with a shiny new stapler and your name on the door- to make the, want you to succeed.

    As a Deputy Principal I can easily be swayed by platitudes, praise and presents. All a principal needs to do is give me lots of those and I will similarly prop him (her) up!

  2. Angie
    on May 25th, 2010
    @ 6:55 am

    Last year I took a job because it was a “step up.” I ended up in a place that gave me no development, and I was miserable. I left to move to a job with a pay cut and more work days, but I am so much happier. “You want (and need) a job where you are surrounded by people who have a vested interest in your success.” – Truer words were never spoken.

  3. Kat
    on May 30th, 2010
    @ 8:26 am

    Interesting post. I was wondering if you could post some advice for teachers going to job interviews? I’m just starting out and I’m hoping for a lot of interviews this summer!

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