High School Graduation. What’s With the Screaming?

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All across America, school administrators are preparing for the graduation ceremonies at their schools.

And dreading it. graduation-cap

You may be wondering why they’re not looking forward to this exciting day in young people’s lives? Well, there are several reasons.

The signs. The whistling. The horns. The noisemakers. The silly string. And dozens of other things that can be disruptive.

Did I mention the screaming?

Most of all, the screaming.

People often say that kids have changed over the years. I don’t know about that, but I’m almost positive that graduation ceremonies have.

They are no longer highly structured classy events.

They are rock concerts (it wasn’t this loud at the Def Leppard concert I attended in 1987).

The crowd used to be in attendance to watch the event. Now they are there to participate.

People used to get dressed up for graduation in their finest outfits and applaud when their sons or daughters walked across the stage.

Now, they show up mainly to scream.

I do wonder… is there a direct correlation between how much parents love their children based on how loud they scream during graduation?

And am I the only one who has noticed how graduation ceremonies have changed over the years?

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8 Responses to “High School Graduation. What’s With the Screaming?”

  1. rita
    on May 21st, 2009
    @ 7:36 am

    Those of us in the Elementary Level are dealing with the same thing! Parents and friends show up and seem to think their Grad is receiving a PhD! I am in a Catholic School and we had to move the ceremony to a hall after Mass took place in the Church due to the disrespect. What’s the Deal With That!!! Makes me want to scream!

  2. Diane
    on May 21st, 2009
    @ 10:09 am

    I think it’s because everything is too casual now. Decorum has gone out the window. You ever see how some people dress for funerals and wakes? I’m sorry, I don’t care how hot it is, flip-flops are not appropriate.

    My son’s in the 7th grade band. We went to his school concert last week. I was amazed at how some of the parents were carrying on. I’m assuming their kids have been playing their instrument since the 4th grade like my son. Hasn’t the wonder worn off yet?

    Def Leppard. 2003. Two friends. Several concerts. Front row all of them. Had dinner with Rick Allen (and pics to prove it). For someone with only one arm he gives the best hugs. Am hoping to see them at Jones Beach in July but tix on the floor are ridiculous. I’m hoping to get lucky when they put more tix on sale at midnight the night before.

    You can also see me on Youtube from when they were here in 2007.

    Yes, I get around. And I have a very understanding husband. Who rolls his eyes a lot.

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    on May 24th, 2009
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  4. Mike Russell
    on May 16th, 2012
    @ 5:37 pm

    Just came back from George Wasington HS in Denver Colorado, having traveled from California with my parents to attend my newphew’s graduation. The SCREAMING from the row of juniors behind us was well above the pain threshold. It was impossible to move without disrupting the ceremony for the people on either side of our rather large group. We also had one person on portable oxygen. So we sat there for an hour with our fingers in our ears. Two days later, and my ears are still ringing. I had some hearing loss to start with and the additional damage may well be permanent.

    School authorities seem to be helpless to deal with this or otherwise control the kids, and just chalk it up to enthusiasm. I find this disgusting. For those who have to attend these events, bring a bag of earplugs to pass out to your group!!

  5. Karen Marcus
    on May 28th, 2012
    @ 11:55 am

    I do not think anyone should graduate from anything until High School. End of preschool/kindergarten, third grade, fifth grade, eighth grade or any other grade should be noted with a party or small party like celebration but we now cram everything that used to be for adults down to the littlest children. There is nothing to work for or look forward too because they have already experienced it 6 times. This includes no proms at the end of middle school or fifth grade. Call me the grinch, I probably rightly deserve it but it is what I think.

  6. cassandra hopkins
    on Jun 7th, 2012
    @ 10:07 am

    I just attended my child’s high school graduation and just as all over the country, the families and friends of the graduates scream and yell for their family member. Some may disagree with me, and that’s fine, but it is not because of enthusiasm and excitement for the child. It is for effect. It is a contest as to who can make the most noise for their child. I try to follow the requests of school administrators and monitor my actions, but the graduates have come to expect it and since nothing is done to those who don’t follow the request, then why should my child be the one sitting there feeling bad because no one acknowledged their endeavor other than with a polite bit of handclapping. To change the behavior there must be consequences.

  7. nancy doty
    on Jun 8th, 2012
    @ 12:48 pm

    I give thanks that my youngest grandson has graduated from high school and I shall never have to attend another graduation. The screaming is incredibly disrespectful to the graduates, to say nothing of being physically painful for those who have to hear it. That Shannon Whatshername in South Carolina was interviewed after her release from arrest. It was clear that she wasn’t screaming on behalf of her daughter. She was screaming for herself!. “I gave YEARS of my life to see that she finished high school; and I have a right to scream if I want to.” DISGUSTING!

  8. Mohammed Siegers
    on Aug 20th, 2012
    @ 12:35 pm

    Excellent blog, …thank you for sharing. ;)

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