High School Seniors Are Clueless.

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The End.

Actually there is more to this blog than just the title, but there doesn’t have to be. 

If you’ve been around the strange animal (“The Senior”), the title is pretty self-explanatory.Good Luck.  You'll Need It.

Seniors don’t have a clue.

About anything.

This is painfully obvious to just about everyone (especially their parents).

Everyone recognizes this fact, but the Seniors.

They think they have it all figured out.

Actually, they know they have it all figured out (if you don’t believe me, just ask them)

The only thing holding them back are those annoying adults.  Those people who surround them with only one purpose…to tell them what to do and how to act.

Who are “those people”? Teachers, administrators, coaches, mom, dad, and every other old person they’ve encountered since they first stepped foot in kindergarten

All of those people with their annoying advice, experience, and perspective.

Constantly trying to warn them about the challenges life has in store for them.  Trying to alert them that the world is about to smack them upside the head (and Seniors… consider yourself lucky if you only get hit in the head…). Trying to tell them life gets more complicated after high school, not less (sad, but true).

Seniors don’t want to hear it.

They don’t want anymore advice.

They don’t want to hear any more stories about how life used to be “in the good old days”. 

Enough with the guidance.

They want out.

Out of high school.  Out of their houses.  Out of the towns they grew up in (no matter how big that town may be… it’s still too small and there’s nothing to do).

They want sweet sweet freedom.

And they want it 6 months ago.

They want to make their own decisions and be in charge of their own destinies.

As we established earlier, they have all the answers.

What they haven’t figured out (yet) is they don’t know any of the questions.

I feel relatively confident speaking about this phenomenon because I was once a Senior.  Man was I stupid (and by stupid, I mean more stupid than now).

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5 Responses to “High School Seniors Are Clueless.”

  1. Karen
    on May 16th, 2010
    @ 1:00 pm

    Happily my high school seniors have grown to know how complicated life really is. One is married and living in NJ. One is a senior (sort of) in college…for the 3rd time. He is completing his third degree this summer and by gosh, on to the 4th!! How many degrees does a person need all at once? Seems like a job would be a nice interim, but who am I to think this?
    Anyway,I guess he figured out how complicated life is and decided to put it off for a while.

    Michael Smith Reply:

    @Karen, Lot’s of people go to college for 7 years… they are called doctors.


  2. Alfred Thompson
    on May 16th, 2010
    @ 2:15 pm

    I often smile to myself with the thought that a lot of these HS seniors will be freshmen the following fall. Yep, from the top of high school to the bottom of college. Many of they will not know what hit them. :-)

  3. Christy
    on May 16th, 2010
    @ 8:46 pm

    nice tommy boy quote there…..love that movie.

    I totally agree about the seniors, it’s one of the reasons I am happy to teach sophomores. =)

  4. Dave George
    on May 18th, 2010
    @ 9:42 am

    Haha, ditto on the Tommy Boy. Hilarious. This post reminds me of the Stones song “As Tears Go By” when he’s watching a group of kids… “Doing things I used to do, they think are new.”

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