Homework Flowchart.

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Everyone has concerns about homework.homework flowchart

Teachers.  Principals.  Parents.


Mainly students.

This probably explains why the Homework Flowchart (look immediately to your right) has quickly become the #1 visited item on my other blog.

Yes, I have another blog (http://principalspage.posterous.com)

But there is good news.  It’s only pictures and videos.

No rambling incoherent articles about my education beliefs, my dog, or what’s wrong with the world.

Consider it blog-lite. 

Or a blog for dummies (this should be easy since it’s mine).

If you or your staff are looking for an easy way to post online… a Posterous is perfect.  Works as a blog or a website.  If you can email, you can handle a Posterous (this plug was as usual… for free).

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4 Responses to “Homework Flowchart.”

  1. Raquel
    on Jan 17th, 2011
    @ 11:07 am

    So True, So True
    I really enjoyed that. New to your page so I’ma look around a bit.

  2. Tracy Fitzwater
    on Jan 17th, 2011
    @ 6:34 pm

    Well, I already checked Facebook, and I found this via Plurk, so I guess I should finish reading Moodle posts. :-)

  3. Tammy
    on Jan 19th, 2011
    @ 7:57 pm

    Love that chart! :D

  4. Paul Loranger
    on Mar 23rd, 2011
    @ 3:18 pm

    The way we do homework today discourages its usage. There is a better way. In our new book “My name is Johny” – see website, we seek to develop the child’s capabilities in the doing of the homework rather than use it as punishment for not following in class. We also add classroom discussion, group solving skills and self innovation to the mix as the completion of the homework becomes a personal achievement rather than a “failure to comply”.

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