How to Get a Snow Day in 4 Easy Steps.


The Snow Day Should ALWAYS Be Spent Outdoors.

The Snow Day, always capitalized out of respect, is a complicated creature.

Everyone, except moms, loves them.

But they continue to be a mystery to the average citizen.

Why do they happen?  Will we have one tomorrow?  Why aren’t they always on Monday?

While I can’t answer these questions, I am here to help.

No one truly understands the Snow Day.  Especially, the weather(wo)man.

But I do know the secret to getting a Snow Day.

No, it’s not being the Superintendent and having the ability to cancel school (although that is nice).

It’s 4 easy steps.

And lucky for you, I’m going to share my tried and true method for obtaining the always elusive Snow Day.

Keep in mind these steps must be completed in order.

And most importantly, they must be finished before your normal bedtime.

If you decide to stay up late, because you are convinced tomorrow will be a Snow Day… you have committed the ultimate sin in the eyes of the Snow Day Gods.

So, just follow these simple steps and enjoy your day off from school.

Step 1 – Put your pajamas on inside out (bonus points if your pajamas have feet).

Step 2 – Brush you teeth with the opposite hand (harder than it sounds).

Step 3 – Flush a minimum of 6 ice cubes down the toilet (cubes… not crushed ice… another common mistake).

Step 4 – Sleep with a spoon under your pillow (don’t ask me why, just do it).


If you follow these 4 steps, and it snows a lot, you have my personal guarantee you’ll wake up to a Snow Day.

You’re welcome.

WARNING: Do NOT overuse the Snow Day Ritual.  It must only be used for good, not evil.


58 Responses to “How to Get a Snow Day in 4 Easy Steps.”

  1. nbrach
    on Jan 11th, 2011
    @ 1:15 pm

    I find that if I

    1.get all my grading finished;
    2.go to bed early;
    3.get up at the usual school time; and
    4.continue with the usual school morning ritual, that

    I am far more likely to have a snow day.
    Staying up late without grading/getting ready insures the gods of snowdays will frown down and most likely decide that we can all make the drive clutching the steering wheels with white knuckled grips as we watch the person in front of us slide into the dtich…

  2. Jessica Reeves
    on Jan 11th, 2011
    @ 1:21 pm

    As a middle-school teacher (one who has been out of school two days now for snow, and currently on hour 46 of wearing my bathrobe…I need a shower!) I wish I had know your tricks a little earlier in the school year. But the newness of my long weekend has worn off, and the stir-craziness has set in. I am writing lesson plans and perusing the internet for educational blogs (yeah…that’s stir crazy!) And did I mention I need a shower?

    Funny post…thanks;-)

  3. ted sakshaug
    on Jan 11th, 2011
    @ 3:07 pm

    I never did these things, which may be why I have not had a snow day in several years. Had a little over a week one winter in NC.
    There is talk of a storm tonight, but the more they talk about it, the lighter the storm.
    Can I borrow some ice cubes?

  4. Gwyneth Jones
    on Jan 11th, 2011
    @ 4:29 pm

    LOVE this! I agree with most of them except you missed one!
    Put a bowl of ice (cubes of course) in the middle of your kitchen
    NOT living room, bedroom, or den….and do the Snow Dance around it.
    (it’s interpretive – modern – with a little pagan added in for fun)
    Thanks for a great post!
    the daring librarian

  5. Kevin Reman
    on Jan 11th, 2011
    @ 4:30 pm

    My Middle School students are all about the PJ’s and spoons under the pillow. They have not been “informed” about steps 2 & 3. Lately, the PJ’s and spoons have done the trick.

    Kevin Reiman, Principal
    Auburn Middle School / High School
    Auburn, NE

  6. Cheryl
    on Jan 11th, 2011
    @ 4:31 pm

    My students, who were beginning their prep and planning as buses arrived 25 min. late because of snow, say you MUST lick the spoon BEFORE placing it under the pillow.

  7. Tammy
    on Jan 12th, 2011
    @ 6:32 am

    So, you are saying that if I follow your steps I’ll get a snow day? Really? Dude! I’m totally going to try this…if it doesn’t work, I guess you’ll fly out snow for me? ;) Thanks from Tammy in Tucson, AZ (I did really pray for a snow day, but then laughed at the idea)…. :D :D Fun read any way :D

  8. JOe D'Amato
    on Jan 12th, 2011
    @ 7:26 am

    This was a great post, I shared it with my staff and they loved it. It was very relevant as we often get snow and snow days.

    One teacher shared that her son was told to “put pencils in the freezer”

  9. Kelly
    on Jan 13th, 2011
    @ 7:04 am

    It’s worked for us four days in a row (although we’ve rarely had success with our snow voo doo in May). I have to admit that since their mommy and daddy are BOTH teachers, our children are in the BACK of the conga line as we do the additional step of dancing around chanting, “Snow Day! Snow Day! Bring on the Snow Day!” (capitalized as it should be). This is one mom who loves snow days.

  10. connor
    on Feb 1st, 2011
    @ 6:57 pm

    I had 2 snow days and i am hoping for a nother one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. asher
    on Feb 4th, 2011
    @ 9:41 am

    it’s “elusive”

    Michael Smith Reply:

    @asher, Changed.

    I’m taking your word for it… mainly because I don’t know.

  12. Olivia
    on Dec 4th, 2011
    @ 11:47 am

    Does this seriously work! That sounds sooo cool I AM GOING TO TRY IT,
    so i have to put on inside out pjs,
    Blrush my teeth with my left hand,
    flush 6 ice CUBES down the loo,
    and lick a spoon then sleep with it under my pillow. This should work in London in December, right? I hope so i love snow!

  13. sydney tucker
    on Dec 4th, 2011
    @ 6:14 pm

    i tried this. IT DOESN’T WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Joe B from England
    on Dec 15th, 2011
    @ 4:09 pm

    Lies. All Lies. None, repeat NONE of this works AT ALL.

    But I still try it.

  15. Lily Allgotii
    on Jan 11th, 2012
    @ 9:38 pm

    IT WORKS!! In the fifth grade, there was an email going on. It passed to forth grade, too. The school had a snow day for three days!! here’s the email.
    Attention!! WE WILL HAVE A LONG SNOW DAY!!!
    sorry for mispelling… they spell that way. So, we had a long snow day… I do these steps once in a while, too! :D

  16. brandy
    on Jan 12th, 2012
    @ 3:43 pm

    I love snow days!

  17. Nicole
    on Jan 16th, 2012
    @ 8:04 pm


  18. Addison
    on Feb 2nd, 2012
    @ 4:42 pm

    Does This Work?Im Gonna Try It!! I Read All The Comments And Im Going To Do Everything!! If It Doesnt Work Then I Will Not Go To School!I Will Cry!!

  19. anon
    on Feb 4th, 2012
    @ 8:59 am

    Wil this help it snow harder and have bigger flakes? It’s snowing at the moment but not hard and it’s tiny flakes.

    Michael Smith Reply:


  20. Wolfie
    on Feb 8th, 2012
    @ 10:43 am

    OMG i want it to snow so bad!!! Also put a lit candle in the window. IDK if it works but my friend said to. :)

  21. Vincent
    on Feb 23rd, 2012
    @ 6:43 pm

    A notebook in the freezer has always worked along with the other 4!

  22. Tyler
    on Feb 23rd, 2012
    @ 8:25 pm

    Dont Forget Put Under Wear On Your Head And Shower At 8:15

  23. Tyler
    on Feb 23rd, 2012
    @ 8:26 pm

    underwear on your head and take a shower at 8:15 to 8:30 pm warm water and sing fireflies then let it snow

  24. alex
    on Feb 29th, 2012
    @ 9:16 pm

    I love snow days! You’re suppose to put the spoon pointed north.

  25. Snow God
    on Dec 10th, 2012
    @ 6:11 am

    Take a body out of your basement then try to get it under your pillow… If there are no bodies in your basement check your freezers. THEN get ready for your snow day you sure have earned it. :p

  26. Paul
    on Dec 27th, 2012
    @ 1:33 pm

    I find if I do 10 circles on the spot before bed it is sure to be a snow day. No wonder our kids are idiots – they listen to childish adults like most people here.

  27. cassie
    on Jan 9th, 2013
    @ 10:21 pm

    I tried it and it worked. The one where you put underwear on your head is not true. I found this out the hard way.

  28. Cat
    on Jan 15th, 2013
    @ 9:34 pm

    Also don’t forget to throw water on your head and run outside it worked:)
    How this helps:)

  29. Emily
    on Jan 28th, 2013
    @ 8:52 am


  30. Jenna
    on Feb 25th, 2013
    @ 12:29 am

    So far it has snowed a foot, I’m wearing my footie pajamas inside out, I brushed my teeth with my left hand, and still need to do the rest. We haven’t had a snow day all year. I’ll post tomorrow if it worked! Thanks! :D

  31. Izzy
    on Mar 5th, 2013
    @ 7:42 pm

    I did 11 steps and I still didn’t get a snowday

  32. Kitty
    on Mar 18th, 2013
    @ 7:41 pm

    Me and my little bro didnt do anything with our p.j.s we each flushed 2 ice cubes down the toilet left a spoon under our beds and wore white socks to bed. But ill try this way anyway cuz i really want a snow day! :3

  33. Karen
    on Sep 22nd, 2013
    @ 10:14 pm

    LoL, this post really puts a smile on my face. I loved snow and I’ll certainly going to try your method, this coming Christmas. So looking forward to a white Christmas.

  34. Joe
    on Nov 24th, 2013
    @ 7:56 pm

    I am doing everything EXCEPT the ice cube thing. We have a septic!

  35. PrincessBeana4
    on Nov 24th, 2013
    @ 8:47 pm

    I really want a snow day I hope this works!!!!

  36. Naomi Kish
    on Dec 8th, 2013
    @ 7:56 pm

    It works, but only if a bunch of people from the same school do it. If you do it alone, the chances aren’t as great as a bunch of people.

  37. Neal
    on Dec 16th, 2013
    @ 6:59 pm

    Awesome… This worked!!! I tried it for two days and it worked!!!!

  38. Taylor
    on Dec 19th, 2013
    @ 5:59 pm

    I really hope this works! Thank you! Remeber to point the spoon north!

  39. mike
    on Jan 20th, 2014
    @ 11:31 pm

    Can someone do this trick before tomorrow? Please.

  40. Erin
    on Jan 21st, 2014
    @ 3:22 pm

    I’ll try but do I do it all at once

  41. Nick
    on Jan 29th, 2014
    @ 10:48 pm

    This works I did the spoon,pajamas,and ice cube things and it snowed 2 weeks later.Got 3 and half days out of school.May take time to work though.Thought it wasent going to work till I watched the weather and heard snow.

  42. maya
    on Feb 5th, 2014
    @ 8:42 am

    I’m so going to try this, if it works, I will tell you guys tomorrow :)

  43. Izzy
    on Feb 21st, 2014
    @ 7:35 am

    worked for me off school! ps now we have to go in the summer!

  44. brandy
    on Feb 23rd, 2014
    @ 4:10 pm

    Omg it works!!
    Light sock on left foot
    pjs inside out
    spoon under pillow (north)
    sing Let it snow
    light teddy bear at window
    2 ice cubes down toilet
    NO JOke

  45. Patricia Dorsey
    on Mar 1st, 2014
    @ 10:13 pm

    Yes, but will it work in Florida?

  46. Spirit
    on Nov 12th, 2014
    @ 3:26 pm

    This would be so awesome if it worked for me. I live in Florida.

  47. Beth
    on Nov 17th, 2014
    @ 12:30 am

    I hope this works! I live in Australia though in a part that doesn’t snow but I may as well give it a shot!

  48. Julia
    on Nov 19th, 2014
    @ 2:14 pm

    My way is a bit different: Penny on the windowsill, PJs inside out and backwards, any number of ice cubes flushed, spoon under the pillow, and sleep with the pillow on the opposite side of your bed. I’m going to try some of yours, too!

  49. Jennifer k
    on Nov 24th, 2014
    @ 9:23 pm

    The brushing teeth item is a new one for me. A student shared with me today that I should also put a white crayon in the freezer.
    All of the above items have been completed this evening.

  50. Sharon Peterson
    on Jan 6th, 2015
    @ 10:30 pm

    Don’t want a snow day, no way,
    Don’t want a cold day, what’s that you say?
    A day off, no students, no hitting the road,
    Means extra days tacked on when it’s warm, not cold!
    Let’s get through the school year, I have plans for the summer!
    A bunch of snow or cold days will ruin my plans, what a bummer!

  51. Katie
    on Jan 8th, 2015
    @ 8:04 pm

    Loving the blizzard outside right now! (Not when I have to walk the dog though!) Hoping to get that snow day tomorrow!

    on Feb 12th, 2015
    @ 7:10 pm

    I, THE GOD OF SNOW will make a snow day in all of america tomorrow. I look around the country and find that all kids have gotten their homework done. This makes me happy and I will make 8 feet of snow fall from the skies.

    yours in snow, THE SNOW GOD

  53. Captain
    on Jan 13th, 2016
    @ 5:28 am

    IT DOESN’T WORK!!!!!!!

  54. Julia
    on Jan 19th, 2016
    @ 10:38 pm

    This actually works. They called of school at Wilson get tomorrow.

  55. Trin
    on Feb 1st, 2016
    @ 11:32 am

    I hope this works for me!!! I also heard that you have to put a pencil in the freezer. The ice cubes supposedly are sent to the snow gods and the ice cubes tell them who wants a snow day. YES SNOW DAY YAS PRAY FOR ME GUYS!!!

  56. Trin
    on Feb 1st, 2016
    @ 8:44 pm

    Please all do this for Denver Colorado!!! I hope this works….. Last time I did this a TON of snow came down

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