I Am Glad My Daughter Was Born After Title IX.

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The Evil Spawn and millions of other young ladies are very lucky to have Title IX.

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2 Responses to “I Am Glad My Daughter Was Born After Title IX.”

  1. nbrach
    on Jun 29th, 2012
    @ 5:33 am

    The “Real Deal” is way better than G.A.A….
    I am glad for all girls.
    I often wonder what I would be like today if I had had the same opportunities that our girls have today.
    Maybe a little more spunky and self-confident like your daughter.
    A.k.a. My Granddaughter.

  2. Michael Smith
    on Jul 5th, 2012
    @ 10:24 pm

    She’s a lucky little girl. Like millions of others.

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