I Have Nothing to Blog About.

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I’ve got nothing.nothing

No ideas.

No stories.

No wacky misunderstandings.


Not a blog in sight.

It’s going to be a long school year unless the excitement level picks up (and truthfully, quiet is kind of nice… and why do I get the feeling I just jinxed myself).

So for this blog I’m going with Plan B.

Actually, I don’t have a Plan B.

Well, on to Plan C.

Blogging 101.

Since I’m constantly (ok… occasionally) asked how I come up with topics for entertaining blogs (like I know), I will share my ideas in this blog.

Plus, since the Evil Spawn is attempting to root into the family business, there’s no better time to talk about blogging.


1.  If you want to be rich or famous, don’t start a blog.  Reality show, maybe.  Blog, no.

If you decide to take that first blogging step, don’t expect anyone to read it. 

At least for a while. 

It takes a few hundred entries before people might notice you have a blog.  The key here is “might notice.”

The truth is they probably won’t.


2.  Pick a niche and stick with it.  Mine is school administrators with anger issues who like technology, kids, and Buddy the Dog. 

This one’s all mine.

Find your own.

The interweb isn’t big enough for both of us.


3.  Don’t steal from other bloggers. 

Especially me.

Come up with your own mediocre ideas.

This is why I don’t read blogs.  I want to make sure my junk is all mine.


4. You have to blog consistently. 

Not monthly.  Not whenever.  Consistently.

It’s like having a second job.  One you can do in your underwear.

If you go more than 5 days without posting a blog, you aren’t a blogger. 

You’re a slacker.

If you actually blog in your underwear, you’re just creepy.

If you blog without underwear… well, I’m not even going there.


5.  Ignore advice from other bloggers about how to blog.

We have no idea what we’re talking about (especially me).  If we write a blog about blogging it just means we have nothing else to do (what does a guy have to do to witness a wacky situation where someone throws up in the hallway???).

Just blog about things that pique your interest.

If you think it’s interesting, there are people out there who will agree.

If you think it’s funny, turns out there are others who have the same morbid sense of humor (thank goodness…).

If you are angry about it, I can promise you’re not the only one (ex:  Fox News).


Don’t make it complicated.

It’s not brain surgery.

It’s blogging.

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3 Responses to “I Have Nothing to Blog About.”

  1. Terry Pearcy
    on Sep 10th, 2010
    @ 10:34 am

    Is hitting a blog wall like hitting a brick wall? To quote my favorite blogger “just sayin’”. Refresh this weekend and come back to us with your usual good stuff!

  2. Karen
    on Sep 10th, 2010
    @ 1:03 pm

    Yes, you just need a rest, that is all.

  3. Diane
    on Sep 10th, 2010
    @ 4:12 pm

    Enjoy the quiet. You know it won’t last.

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