Kids, Schools, Lunch Ladies, and Thanksgiving.

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Lunchlady from the Simpsons.As we approach the Thanksgiving Holiday, it is time to pause for a moment and count our blessings. As school employees we have lots of things we need to remember and appreciate. Here are just a few items for which we should all give our thanks.

At school, Thanksgiving week is a short week. People involved in education always look forward to shortened weeks, even though we all know these can seem longer than a regular five day week. There is nothing better than Tuesday turning into Friday.

Actually, it can get better when that Tuesday is an early out day.

Consequently, Thanksgiving brings us a long weekend. Nothing better than a mini-vacation in the middle of the year. People in the real world look forward to their two week vacation that comes after 50 weeks of hard work. In education, we get time off at least once a month.

Another reason to be thankful is that Christmas is right around the corner. The countdown clock on tells me there are only about 30 days left.
How sweet it is to know that another vacation is on the horizon. I love my job.

One of the greatest reasons for which to be thankful, the kindness bestowed upon you in the form of extra helpings of turkey & noodles and mashed potatoes from the lunch ladies. Well, that is, only if you have shown them the same kindness throughout the year!

Who knew you could get that much white food on one small lunch tray (don’t forget the extra slice of white bread with the perfectly pre-portioned rectangular butter slab). This may well be the best school lunch of the year.

I am personally thankful that I no longer have to monitor the junior high lunchroom. If you have not been in charge of junior high lunch, you have no idea why I am thankful. If you have been, we are now officially bonded for life.

There are lots of other reasons we should be thankful; secretaries who actually run the school, janitors who clean up everything (and I mean everything), the bus drivers, lunch ladies (I am being nice because next Thanksgiving is just a year away), aides, bookkeepers, nurses, teachers, administrators, assistant principals, deans, coaches, and everyone else who helps to make a school run smoothly.

But I think the #1 reason I am thankful is that I don’t have to completely grow up.

My life continues to revolve around the start of school, games, tournaments, holidays, long weekends, school pictures, open house, field trips, dances, graduation, scholarships, yearbooks, and summer vacation.

The majority of my life continues to be a small part of kids growing up in their lives, and I get paid to help them. Go to school and get paid. What a life I lead. One day I might just have to grow up and get a real job.

Every school year the students get a year older and yet in my own mind I stay the same age.

For that I say, “Thanks.”

Happy Thanksgiving Everybody.

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  2. Ester B.
    on Jul 29th, 2009
    @ 11:02 am

    Thanks for publishing the blog. It’s a great read. Hard to believe you’re a Superintendent.

    Although I must admit that I like Buddy the best.

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