Listen More Than You Talk.

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This is NOT the Actual Bus.Newsflash.

Turns out there have been times in my life where I wasn’t as smart as I thought.

2nd Newsflash. This happens more than I would like to admit (some may even say daily…).

I was reminded of this a few nights ago when a former student/player stopped by to visit.

Personally, I wish all former students/players would leave me alone. Haven’t I done enough for them (oh, I haven’t… alright then…)?

They make me feel old with their college degrees, careers, marriages, kids, and the fact they have aged so much in the last 15 years (I’m glad I don’t look any older…).

This concept of former students is not working for me. The fact that their lives are moving forward is an ever so subtle hint that I may be getting older (lucky for me… I don’t respond to subtle hints…).

It’s really quite uncomfortable for me.

They not only make me wonder why life is moving so quickly, but they also have better memories than me.

They can recall things I said or did over a decade ago when I can barely remember which tie I wore yesterday.

This student asked me if I remembered a certain bus ride when I was his basketball coach.

My only thought was… I was a basketball coach?

But as he told the story it all came crashing back to me (and crashing is the key word here).

As we traveled to a game about 30 miles away, I required the players to be quiet. Completely quiet.

I told them it was so they could focus on the game. The real reason was I didn’t want to listen to them.

As we got about halfway to the game and came to a stop sign this player screamed something out from the very back of the bus. I wasn’t sure what he said, so I gave him my standard coaching response.

“Be quiet!”

Then he yelled again. I said “Be quiet!”

He then had the gall to yell something about a car. This really caught my attention.

I remember thinking how dare he talk after being told to be quiet. So of course, I screamed “For the last time, be quiet and don’t make me come back there!” I didn’t even bother to look back.

He knew I meant business.

Mainly because I yelled in my Don’t Push Your Luck Unless You Want to Run the Entire Next Practice Coaching Voice.

He got quiet.

Everyone got quiet.

The entire bus was quiet for the rest of the trip. But I did notice they were strangely restless.

When we finally arrived at the game all the players and cheerleaders rushed off the bus. I figured they were excited about the game.


They were excited to get off the bus to see the damage.

What damage you ask?

The damage where a car hit us when the bus stopped at the stop sign.

And when the player yelled.

Turns out the first two times he was trying to tell me a car hit the bus.

The third time, he was trying to tell me…

…the car was on fire.

When I first started teaching and coaching, I had all the answers. Turns out I just didn’t know all of the questions.

Or that a car hit our bus and burst into flames.

There is a lesson here somewhere but for the life of me I don’t know what it is… oh yeah… other people may have knowledge that you don’t even know you need.

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3 Responses to “Listen More Than You Talk.”

  1. Rho
    on Aug 31st, 2009
    @ 6:32 pm

    I started teaching in 1971. The people I taught in my first few years are now grandparents.
    And you think you feel old!

  2. Rebecca
    on Aug 31st, 2009
    @ 8:51 pm

    I have only been in the education field for 8 years, but I look forward to some of the kids coming back (but only if they remember the good stuff, right??) I don’t want to see any of the kids I saw during my internship year as a school psychologist. Eesh. Not my most stellar year.

  3. Beth
    on Sep 1st, 2009
    @ 3:05 am

    Teaching attracts people who like to talk. I know. I like to talk. This is a good reminder to listen more and stop with the verbal diarrhea.

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