My Cartoon Guy Hates Me.

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My Cartoon Guy.

My Cartoon Guy.

I have a problem. Actually, I am pretty sure I have lots of problems but I can only tackle 17 at any given time (it’s good to be an administrator).

My focus right now is that I have a cartoon guy.

You might be asking yourself what adult has a cartoon guy.

I do. And don’t kid yourself; you are jealous.

Or more likely you may think I am odd. Get in line. But as a school administrator I must tell you, when you are in line I expect you to be quiet and keep your hands to yourself (which is a challenge in the springtime… especially for boys).

I can prove that having a cartoon guy doesn’t make me odd. Let the record show that I was odd way before the cartoon guy came into my life.

My problem isn’t that I have a cartoon guy, but the fact that I may have inadvertently angered the cartoon guy.

While this sounds bad, I consider it progress.

When I was younger and angered/annoyed/bothered people, I usually didn’t even notice.

Now that I am older and wiser, I realize when I have angered/annoyed/bothered people, so I think that is a real sign of maturity.

Although, having a cartoon guy may be a big step backwards.

The bigger problem is this time I may have upset the wrong person.

In an effort to redesign this blog, I had a brainstorm to make myself a cartoon. Sounded innocent. And it sounded different.

My thought was a cartoon header would give the blog a certain “fun” quality.

People were asking me what I look like. Now they will know. Except, it will be the cartoon me, which is way cooler than the real me.

Plus, as a kid I always thought it would be cool to be a cartoon. I also thought it would be cool to have my own action figure (not to be confused with a doll), but that is a blog for me to discuss with my psychiatrist.

I figured if the blog had a cartoon on it and the latest blog (don’t email me and say it’s a post… I know that, I just don’t care) stunk, at least the cartoon version of me would be there to cheer up total strangers.

Or give them something to mock. Either way it’s win-win for everyone.

So I hired a cartoonist.

That’s not as easy as it sounds. Finding a good cartoonist turned out to be a challenge. Finding a good one I could afford turned out to be an even bigger challenge.

Eventually, I found “the one”. A cartoonist who does portraits. Portraits are like caricatures, but without the huge ears and noses.

He was perfect. I on the other hand need work.

Everything was going well, but like most relationships it got complicated.

I first noticed this after emailing him about 47 times. My sixth sense told me that something just wasn’t right. The tip off was his response to my last email which gave him detailed instructions on how he could do a better job.

Turns out cartoonists work alone.

And they aren’t afraid to write a 3 page (single spaced) response to my emails.

I thought I was being helpful. He thought I was annoying.

To make sure I hadn’t done anything wrong, I asked for my wife’s opinion. She is the type of person who can quickly access a situation and tell me I’m right.

There was no doubt in my mind that she would have my back (it’s almost like we have our own little gang).

After hearing my side of the story and reading the cartoonist’s email manifesto, she contemplated for nearly a full second. Then she announced I was wrong.

She said I was an annoying dork and she was stunned cartoon guy had tolerated me for as long as he did.

As a school administrator with a keen ability to know when I have lost a battle, I concluded this particular one wasn’t going well.

For me.

If there was any sort of divorce in this situation, I had just received verbal notification my wife was going to be awarded custody of the cartoon guy.

This was bad.

I couldn’t have a new blog design without a cartoon. And I certainly didn’t want cartoon guy drawing me if he was angry.

I needed him to make me more handsome, not hideous.

At this point I realized you don’t ever want to cross a cartoonist. Can you imagine the shear amount of graffiti he could produce? My name (and unflattering caricature) could be scribbled on bathroom walls across the country.

Even worse, he may have access to spray paint. That would not be good.

The lesson here is a simple one. I try to follow this in my professional life, but I obviously need some work on it in my blog life.

Hire good people. Give them some direction. And then get out of their way.

This blog was written with the permission of Mr. John Goodrich. A nice man and a great cartoonist. If you find yourself needing a cartoon guy, he is as good and patient as you will find. Please visit

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2 Responses to “My Cartoon Guy Hates Me.”

  1. AllanahK
    on Mar 20th, 2009
    @ 4:14 pm

    The thing is….

    We want the cartoon guy to see the light of day.

    He has been conceived, will it take nine months to see his birth?

  2. Kate T
    on Mar 20th, 2009
    @ 4:24 pm

    Oh, did I forget to mention John’s tendency to write long emails? I hope that it all works out and that you love your cartoon portrait!

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