Nightmare or Dream?

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My internal blogging clock has been a little off the last couple of months.

Normally, something clicks in my head (normally a voice… oddly in a Scottish accent) every 3 or 4 days that tells me it’s time to write (?) another blog.

But lately, I’ve been a little busy.

Writing a movie?Let's Hope It Turns Out to Be a Dream.


Writing the great American novel?

Definitely not because this would require some sort of understanding of the English language.

Training for the running (i.e. walking) of a half-marathon.

Yes.  But that’s not why I’ve been busy.

Surprisingly, it doesn’t take long to jog 12 steps then bend over and gasp for what feels like my final breath.

I’m busier than usual because I’ve taken a new job.

I will be leaving my present school district after 16 years.  Or as I like to think of it, 37% of my life (if you want to know how truly OLD I am… do the math).

When I started teaching, I was an idiot.  Now that I’m leaving, I’m a little less of an idiot (although going from teacher/coach to principal and then superintendent may very well qualify me as an idiot of almost Biblical proportions).

Why am I leaving?

Good question.

I’m leaving, before they chase me out.  This is a much underrated key to success in the workforce.

Leave before they tell you to leave.

Leave before they start circling your half-dead body like a buzzard.

But that’s a different blog.

I’m really leaving because I have someplace else to go (duh).

Where am I going?

Wait for it… wait… wait…

I’m going…

…to the Evil Spawn’s school district.

Yes, the Spawn and I are combining forces (that’s a lot of sarcasm in one place).

She thinks it’s a good idea.  I’m not so sure.

I don’t worry about me, but I can envision how it could be a challenge for her.

She will either love having her father wander in and out of every aspect of her life, or hate it.

But what better time to launch this grand experiment than moments before she hits her awkward teenage years.

Timing is everything!

What could possibly go wrong?

Now I will have the best of both worlds.  Watching her slam the bedroom door at home and watching her slam the locker door at school.

I’m a lucky man.

I hope she feels the same when this is all over.

As an added bonus, I will be two minutes from Buddy’s house (which used to be called “my house”).

Lunch with Buddy.

That will be nice.

And it may be the only peace and quiet I get.

The good news is she’s growing up fast and I get a front row seat.  The bad news is she’s growing up fast and I get a front row seat.

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17 Responses to “Nightmare or Dream?”

  1. Dwight Carter
    on Feb 12th, 2011
    @ 8:02 am

    Excellent post! I wish you all the best and enjoy the ride. I’m looking forward to reading about your experiences at. “The Evil Spawn’s” school.

    Be Great,


  2. Marc
    on Feb 12th, 2011
    @ 8:04 am

    Wow Mike, I dont know whether to congratulate you or feel sorry for you or the evil spawn! LOL Just kidding. Hey, congrats on the new position. Will you be the principal of her school and she will have to report to you when she plots her evil deeds? That should be an interesting proposition if that is the case. Or are you becoming the supt. of her district? Either way, I wish you all the best and much success! :)

  3. Michael Smith
    on Feb 12th, 2011
    @ 8:09 am

    @Marc, Superintendent. Office in the same building.

    Let the fun begin.

  4. Velma
    on Feb 12th, 2011
    @ 10:22 am

    Mike, best of luck in your new position! I know you will handle it with the same sense of humor and great attitude as you have this position. Please just keep writing so you can continue to add levity to our jobs! We appreciate you!

  5. Daisy
    on Feb 12th, 2011
    @ 11:00 am

    I came to my neighborhood school to teach 6th grade when my daughter was in — 6th grade. She was in the other class, but there was so much team teaching that I actually taught her 50% of the time.
    Her little brother is blind and has Asperger’s – a high maintenance child – while she has always been self-sufficient and capable. Seeing her in school every day, knowing her friends, making a new connection – it was a blessing.
    Believe it or not (I was disbelieving at first) she welcomed me into her school, even suggesting I apply for the position when the previous teacher retired.

  6. Michelle Howell-Martin
    on Feb 12th, 2011
    @ 2:52 pm

    Looking forward to reading about your adventures! Good luck!

  7. Marc
    on Feb 12th, 2011
    @ 7:22 pm

    Wow, congrats again Mike! Best of luck :)

  8. Jay
    on Feb 12th, 2011
    @ 9:16 pm

    Congrats, Mike! Man, do I envy you. This year I have my Nathan as one of my 8th graders. Instead of him being Evil Spawn, he’s the glorious lotus growing out of the putrid swamp that I call a life. Since the divorce in September, it’s been he and I at home and at school. We’ve had a blast together. Next year, he starts as a HS freshman in a rural public school (living with his Mom) having been in an urban Lutheran parochial school since 2nd grade. “Turn and Face the Strange…Changes.”

  9. Karen Marcus
    on Feb 13th, 2011
    @ 4:59 am

    Congratulations, Michael. It is hard to leave a place after so long. But new adventures are what make life worth leaving. We will all be anxious to hear about ….everything.

  10. Susan Riley
    on Feb 13th, 2011
    @ 6:23 am

    Ha! My husband has his mother as a teacher in 3rd grade and *still* hasn’t gotten over it. Of course, it’s my dream to be the principal of my daughter’s school once she gets there – just to torture her and force her to use my surname out of respect. Apparently, we don’t learn from parents’ mistakes – we just expand upon them. Good luck, Mike!

  11. Principal Ozz
    on Feb 13th, 2011
    @ 11:28 am

    Great move Mike. I did a similar move as Principal, coming back to the district where my toddler (The Tazmanian Devil) will eventually come to school, and his mom is already a teacher here. I now have hours in their days that I never would have, and would never be able to get back.

  12. Pat
    on Feb 13th, 2011
    @ 5:32 pm

    That is wonderful! That means you will be your wife’s boss now, right? I bet that is the only time you get to be her boss! Hooray for your whole family! I know you will be an asset to the new school district!

  13. Alfred Thompson
    on Feb 13th, 2011
    @ 7:21 pm

    I’m with Pat – doesn’t it worry you to have your wife reporting indirectly to you? While working in the same district as ones spouse can work out ok (my wife and I actually had classrooms next to each other for a while) there is that whole superentendent teacher dynamic going.
    Best of luck to you, the family and the new district.

  14. Angie
    on Feb 14th, 2011
    @ 9:12 am

    Did the Scottish voice in your head sound suspiciously like Mike Myers?

  15. Sheryl Lawless
    on Feb 16th, 2011
    @ 3:34 pm

    Just so you know…my Dad was Supt. and my Mom was the kindergarten teacher in the school district that I attended, so I saw both of them on a daily basis in the hallways of our school. It was a great experience for all of us…we were still on a “talking” basis by the end of the day! Tuscola is very lucky to have you on board! Congratulations!

  16. Alicia Kessler
    on Feb 17th, 2011
    @ 12:26 pm

    Will this make Halloween dicey?

    My inner voice is usually a southern woman with a pack a day habit.

  17. Anthony
    on Jun 12th, 2011
    @ 3:49 pm

    I know this is a late responds. I just found your blog today. But I know the feeling. My dad was an Assistant Superintendent in a school district with 30,000 teachers so you would think I would not be noticed. Nope, everyone know him and I quickly learned that although he was a busy man, his office was just down the street from my high school (not to mention the principal had his direct, don’t need to speak the his admin assist line).

    All in all my brother got the bad end of that stick since his school was next door and he quickly learn that if he got in trouble (I was the good son) that my dad could be at the school before my brother made it to the office.

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