Our Presidential Candidates Learned Nothing in Kindergarten.

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Last night, our country sat through the second of three Presidential Debates (it was like detention for America).Stop Acting Like Children.

Just my opinion (it’s my blog after all), President Obama and Mr. Romney acted like spoiled immature children.

And that’s an insult to spoiled immature children everywhere.

If they talked that way in school, we would have big trouble.

And by we, I mean them.

Did they not learn anything in kindergarten?

Did they not learn to play fair?

Did they not learn to say I’m sorry when they hurt somebody’s feelings?

I wonder if they washed their hands before the debate?

Did they take a nap beforehand?

Do they not understand when you go out into the world, you need to stick together?  It’s one for all, not one against one.

Did their teachers and parents not teach them how to talk nicely?

Did they not learn that in order to get respect, you have to show others respect? 

Did they miss the day when they should have learned to listen to other peoples’ opinions without interrupting?

They probably weren’t embarassed by their behavior, but I was embarassed for them (this is how I always feel about junior high boys).

I may be the only one, but I’m not comfortable electing a President who doesn’t seem to have the basic skills and understanding I expect from a 5 year old.

I know two gentlemen who need a time out.  And I bet they would color outside the lines if someone wasn’t watching them.

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6 Responses to “Our Presidential Candidates Learned Nothing in Kindergarten.”

  1. Teach any
    on Oct 17th, 2012
    @ 6:50 pm

    Yep. I thought it was a sad spectacle. One of the two kids will be our next president. This was immature and I felt shame for the country. This was my first take away.

  2. Steve Rhoades
    on Oct 17th, 2012
    @ 9:18 pm

    I couldn’t agree more. And just like Junior High Boys, they will get revenge on each other. When one of these “kids” is elected, the other “kids” friends will make life miserable for him. For the next 4 years they will tattle on each other, argue, and fight. They will do anything to get the other in trouble. They won’t even be able to sit in the cafeteria together with starting a food fight! What a mess!

  3. Rania
    on Oct 18th, 2012
    @ 7:24 am

    That was tough… What you said is very accurate and so straight to the point… It’s true when they say: see the world through the eyes of a Child. Maybe that’s what our president should do once every while.

  4. Sherry Ann Adams
    on Oct 18th, 2012
    @ 9:47 am

    I think that the next debate should be moderated by a kindergarten teacher. We might get some actual information and their behavior would be much better.

  5. Colleen Lehmann
    on Oct 18th, 2012
    @ 2:52 pm

    I think the debates–and the political advisors to both candidates–are set up to foster exactly that kind of behavior. My take is, they have both been told a show of “take charge” (read rude/aggressive) behavior is necessary to capture the American voters’ attentions. Perhaps this is the inevitable by-product of our country’s apparent lust for “reality television” (which, of course, is oftentimes the most staged of products on the airwaves). I would hope and pray that, in the final analysis, there IS an analysis by voters … of positions, of experience, of actions compared to campaign rhetoric.

  6. warren
    on Nov 15th, 2012
    @ 8:15 pm

    Yeah I love Robert Fulghum’s stuff.

    Didn’t watch the debates (not televised in Nu Zild before we left for China) but my eldest son watched online. He was much amused!

    By the way I have a ton of your blogs to read (you win) because my wife – She Who Must Be Obeyed – was undergoing medical precedures since September so I’m a wee bit behind in my reading and comments.

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