Parents Hate Principals.

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This isn’t completely true. Not all parents hate the principal at their child’s school.

I thought it was important to clarify because I don’t want to be responsible for scaring off teachers who are considering a career move to school administration.

We need good quality young people to go into the profession.Can't We All Just Get Along.

Actually, we (or I) need a good young person to take my job.

You know the word “Retirement” means “Sweet, I Can Go Golfing” in Latin (if you don’t believe me, look it up… on the other hand, just take my word for it).

This needs to happen soon, while I’m still young (I’m not kidding… get yourself in a Master’s program and get your degree… NOW!).

Theoretically, it’s possible for a parent to like a principal.

In fact, once in the late 1970’s there was a parent in one of the western states (can’t remember the name of it but it has snow… or mountains… or maybe cowboys live there… not exactly sure) that loved their school principal.

Alright, I’m exaggerating.

This is a little something I like to do to move the blog along. I learned this when I was an English major in college.

Actually, that’s just an out and out lie. I couldn’t have been an English major because I couldn’t spell it (and by it, I mean the word “English”… I have been able to spell “it” for as long as I can remember).

Also, there wasn’t a parent out west who liked his or her principal.

That’s also a lie.

No one likes principals.

They are despised by everyone. Including parents. In every state. Including the states where it snows and cowboys live.

Parents and principals have a very special relationship. (Science teachers, this is your one and only symbiotic reference).

And by special, I mean they are sworn enemies.

It has to work this way. It’s like Good vs. Evil. Kardashians vs. Good Taste. Jerry vs. Newman (Seinfeld reference… Yes!!!). Buddy the Dog vs. Rabbits (another lie… Buddy loves rabbits… it’s really quite pathetic).

Parents and principals need each other.

Without the other, neither exists.

Parents need someone at school in which to direct their thoughts (i.e. anger) on the educational system and its treatment of their child (this is commonly referred to as “You Will Be Hearing From My Lawyer!”).

Principals need parents. Without a mom or dad barging into the office yelling and threatening to sue, why would schools even need a principal?

Honestly, couldn’t a secretary just run things?

As long as there are children and schools, parents and principals will be tied together.

So don’t worry that they don’t like each other.

It’s supposed to be that way.

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5 Responses to “Parents Hate Principals.”

  1. Mark Dunk
    on Oct 4th, 2009
    @ 3:22 pm

    I have a Master’s degree in Educational Administration but I’ve never taken “the tests” to get the admin credential. Folks are shocked to find this out about me (often remarking, “Gee, you should be an administrator.” or “You’d make a great AP.”), but I haven’t seen much evidence that would cause me to want to have an AP or Principal job (except the lucre associated therewith). Given what I see as the daily duties associated with AP-ing and Principal-ing, I’m not sure how much more salary I would need to lure me to “the dark side.” It always fascinates me to watch teachers ascend into administration and transform right before my eyes.

  2. Todd Sanderson
    on Oct 4th, 2009
    @ 6:30 pm

    My wife and I are both school administrators. She is a principal at a 4-12 attendance center and I am an Instructional Facilitator at a high school. She came home this weekend sharing a story that fits really well with this post. Friday she had a parent come in to pick up her child who was being suspended for using profanity again. During the course of the conversation which ended with the parent angrily withdrawing her little angel from school (Oh No! :-) ), the parent both quoted scripture and used a little profanity of her own! I’m sure her son will outgrow his behavior! NOT!!!

  3. Dave Meister
    on Oct 6th, 2009
    @ 4:29 pm

    Being from a western state, nicknamed the “Cowboy” state that has snow and mountains, I can confirm that you were lying and later told the truth about lying (ignore the grammar, I am a former social studies teacher too). Seeing how I have lost the point of my comment, I too must be getting old and need to consider retirement. Now about scriptures and profanity…what theatre is showing that movie….I need some popcorn………

  4. Daisy
    on Oct 6th, 2009
    @ 6:15 pm

    I’m sometimes one of “those” parents. I have a disabled child, and my husband and I know the system well enough that schools can’t fool us. That means we get along very well with some principals, and less with others.
    A few years ago a colleague died, and local principals subbed for all of us so we teachers could attend the funeral. My son’s principal subbed for me that day. I already liked and respected the guy; this clinched it.

  5. Anna Wieczorek
    on Oct 6th, 2009
    @ 7:07 pm

    I understand how parents could dislike administrators, to an extent. I feel like I see administrators talk down to parents or be sarcastic. The last thing a parent experiencing difficulty needs, is an administrator who looks down there nose at them. Also sometimes they actually have valid concerns.
    As far as needing young people in the field, I would agree. Although we certainly learn valuable lessons from experienced administrators, I also see the need for innovative technology integration.

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