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Thanks for taking a moment to read the first ever Blog on I will be stunned if anyone is actually interested, but I guess we will find out. I thought for my first undertaking I should take a moment and explain how this website came about. My future blogs will deal with educational issues, or maybe something entirely outside that spectrum. originated last spring while I was in the process of changing buildings as an administrator. Because of this, it occurred to me that I wanted to save and have access to all of the forms that I had used, created, and borrowed from others in the last four years. Why in the World Would I Blog?

The original website was only going to be a listing of forms that I could access off the internet. Then one thing led to another and as my wife worked her web mastering magic the website started to build itself. The site is free and will always be that way. I can’t imagine charging people for information that has been shared between administrators in the past. In school administration, I think the only people who truly understand what we deal with on a daily basis are other administrators.

After the first version of the site was complete, we got the bright idea to add the forum. The thing that has surprised me about the forum is the number of guests we get compared to the number of members who register. We have approximately 200 guests before we get a new member. I am amazed that in a short time, by word of mouth only, that people stop by just to read the new content that has been posted.

Now that we have the informational website, forum, and the blog- I am not sure what is next, but I am sure something will come along. My hope is we can make as interactive as possible, so teachers, administrators, and soon-to-be administrators stop by the site and share information. I think I would like to start a guest blog, where administrators from around the United States can write a short blog on an issue facing them in their part of the country.

If you have suggestions for me on what should be on the site or how it should look, please feel free to leave a comment or send me an email. Any and all suggestions will be considered.

Thanks for taking your time to visit Please share the website with your friends in education.

My next blog will be about my thoughts regarding a small town not allowing candy to be thrown from floats in a parade (safety issue)… don’t get me started.

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