Prom is All in the Eye of the Beholder.

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Prom Isn't Fun for Everyone.It is prom season. Woohoo!!!

By Woohoo, I mean Uggh. And by Uggh, I mean someone please just jam a butter knife into my temple thereby letting me focus on a different kind of pain.

High school students think prom is 5 hours of excitement. I see prom as 300 painfully slow minutes of excruciating torture (300 that seems like 47,000).

The kids always ask me if I am looking forward to prom. This question can be answered two ways.

Answer #1: No; I would rather spend an entire day watching reruns of The Golden Girls and eating croissants than attending another high school dance.

Answer #2: Yes. As in yes, I can’t wait… to get it over with.

It is not that I am anti-prom. I just think the only good thing resulting from the “big night” is that nothing bad happens.

Up to this point in my career I have been very lucky. Students have always behaved well, sponsors have worked hard so that things go smoothly, and I have never had to call the police.

Promise me, before you read on, you will knock on wood.

Over my 5 years of supervising proms, I have gained some invaluable insight into the challenges of supervising them. There are 2 issues that can cause you to get premature gray hair (and possibly get you fired).

Dress code and dancing.

Each year it always comes down to these two things. The reason they are such a challenge is because everyone has their own idea about what is appropriate.

You can have 20 adults look at a prom dress and 10 will think it is beautiful and tasteful. Unfortunately, the other 10 will think it is obscene.

As the supervisor of the dance, both groups will be more than happy to share their thoughts with you.

So, if all goes well, at least half the people at the dance will disagree with the administrator who is in charge.

It is even more challenging because the dress in question was purchased, approved, and photographed by proud parents only moments before someone walks up and tells the administrator, “That dress is not appropriate.”

As much trouble as enforcing the dress code can be, the dancing is worse.

Throughout time, every older generation has believed the world is coming to an end because of the way the young people are dancing.

As someone who is forced to watch high school dances (I need the money), I must say that I agree.

If kids continue to dance the way that they do, there is no way we can hold our society together.

It is just a matter of time before everything we hold sacred comes crashing down around us. And I will blame the dancing.

It’s just not right. Man, have I gotten old.

So my advice to other administers in regards to prom is the following.

Keep an eye on the dress code and try not to keep too much of an eye on the dancing.

And most of all, try not to think about the fact that one day you will be battling the dress argument and the dancing argument with your own daughter.

Uggh. I am going to see if we have any clean butter knifes.

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4 Responses to “Prom is All in the Eye of the Beholder.”

  1. JackieB
    on May 4th, 2008
    @ 7:22 pm

    Only 5 hours? You’re missing out on the joy of the dual prom/post prom supervision.

    I’ve gotta agree on the dancing though. Kids these days.

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