QR Code Birthday Cake.

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The Evil Spawn just turned 12.Happy Birthday Ashton.

She’s a nerd and I use this term with respect.

She’s a great nerd (she prefers geek).

For her birthday, she wanted a QR code cake and a QR coded scavenger hunt that led her and her friends all over town.

They went to all of her old haunts.  From her first babysitter to the dentist’s office where she lost her first tooth. 

The clues led them to the grocery store where they had to figure out how much money we have spent on Buddy the Dog’s food in the last four years.

They even visited their 2nd grade teacher where they had to recall the order of the planets from their very first big school project and recite them to her in order (funny what they forget).

They had a blast even though they have evidently forgotten everything they learned in 2nd grade.

It’s good to have a school technology coordinator as a mom.

Go ahead, scan the cake with your reader.  It works.

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2 Responses to “QR Code Birthday Cake.”

  1. Nancy of Recess TEC
    on Apr 7th, 2013
    @ 9:08 am

    As the grandmother, I was a “driver”.
    And “fun” was an understatement!
    My group knew their planets (it must be a “guy thing” since I had all boys) and did not even skip a beat when they rattled them off (debating whether Pluto should be included or not.)
    The best was the story about my granddaughter’s 2nd grade planet project. She made paper cutouts of the planets and hung them from a wire coat-hanger. For once she resisted the video and any other Web 2.0 tool that was at her “beck-and-call”.
    This party will go down in the books as unforgettable,
    and I expect some of the pictures will appear in their Senior Slide Show!
    Fun times!

  2. Michael Smith
    on Apr 7th, 2013
    @ 11:02 am

    She was a very happy, happy, happy birthday girl.

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