School Administrators Joke #2: Be Careful What You Ask Elementary Students.

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It Never Hurts to Laugh.Here is another joke about principals in what is quickly becoming a continuing series (if you consider 2 to be a series). I may be on to something here (if I’m not, at least it makes for an easy blog).

The Joke…

As the assembly was about to begin, Mr. Jones, the elementary principal decided to start it off by saying something encouraging to his student body.

In the last year, the school had seen their test scores improve dramatically, so he wanted to compliment the students on their intelligence.

As he walked on stage and looked out into the crowd of 300 elementary students, he couldn’t have been more proud. He walked up to the podium, grabbed the microphone and asked “Who is smart? Please, put up your hand.”

All the students except one raised their hand. Little Timothy was the only one to sit there and just stare at Mr. Jones.

So the principal asked, “Timothy, why aren’t you raising your hand?

The little boy responded “Because if I raise my hand than you’ll be all alone.”

Again, always keep in mind that they are not laughing with us, but at us. And by they, I mean everyone.

Some will say that I am just being paranoid. I beg to differ. Paranoia is often confused with common sense.

And if everyone is out to get you (even the elementary kids) it is not paranoia, it’s only good common sense.

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One Response to “School Administrators Joke #2: Be Careful What You Ask Elementary Students.”

  1. tim
    on Aug 26th, 2008
    @ 6:48 pm

    *Mom:* wake up son. Its time to go to school…
    *Son:* why mom? I don’t want to go to school
    *Mom:* give me two reasons why you don’t want to go to school.
    *Son:* 1. all the children hate me. 2. All teachers hate me.
    *Mom:* oh, that’s not the reason. Come on you have to go to school
    *Son:* give me two reasons why I should go to school?
    *Mom:* 1. you are 52 years old 2. You are the Principal of the school.

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