School Pictures: How Many Friends Do They Think I Have?

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My desk is a mess. End of the Year Desk.

But so are my house, truck, and garage.

I’m not a slob. I’m a school administrator.

This means the months of April and May are busy. Really busy. So busy that I shouldn’t even be taking time to write this.

I should be working on curriculum, handbooks, or school finances. Or at least watching a Dirty Jobs episode that I have only seen 17 times.

Graduation. Prom. Retirement parties (not mine unfortunately). Daughter’s events (unfortunately soccer). Spring concerts. Baseball games. Musicals. Meetings.

It goes on and on.

But the end is near. Although I’m not counting down.

Actually the end isn’t near for me. Working year round takes some of the excitement out of the end of school.

But I will have a 3 month summer break from kids and adults, so I have that going for me.

Until then it will be busy.

Way too busy for me to have time to clean out my desk.

It has taken an entire school year to collect all of the stuff that now resides in, on, under, and around my desk.

And by stuff I mean crap.

It is going to take time to clean this mess up.

And 47 trash bags.

And a putty knife (there is something sticky in one of my desk drawers).

I am also going to need at least 2 Advil. My back is bound to be sore from lifting all the crap in and around the desk.

From the beginning of the school year to the end, my desk reminds me of my dorm room at college.

Clean and neat with very few items at the beginning of the year.

Messy and not so clean with all kinds of junk at the end. At least there aren’t any concert posters on my desk.

But there are pens. Lots of them.

Seriously, how many pens does one man need? 10, 50, a 1000?

If you plan on giving me a free pen in the next 20 years, please don’t. Although I could use a letter opener.

Another item that is taking over my desk is school pictures. Not of students.

Of me.

Sad but true. I have hundreds.

Actually that is a lie.

I have way more than that.

The question is why?

Why do they give me so many pictures of myself?

There are wallet size photographs of me falling out of my desk like snowflakes. Except the pictures all look the same.


You would think with digital cameras they could get one good picture of me.

Yet, I don’t have the heart to throw them away.

So I have become a collector. Of bad school pictures of myself.

Sure it’s creepy. And a little sad. Even borderline pathetic.

But what am I to do.

The picture company gives me these pictures every year and I have no one with whom to exchange them

I am a school administrator, not a popular junior high girl.

It seems a little cruel they continue to give me these year after year.

When I do get around to cleaning out my desk, I am going to be faced with the prospect of what to do with these pictures.

If I drag them out and lay them on top of the desk it will look like I’m staring into a carnival fun house mirror.

Except I am 15 different ages. In the same pose.

Feet on the floor. Hands in my lap. Shoulders back. Chin up. Smile.

Next year I am going to ask if they can’t just use last year’s picture.

And I know where they can find one. Or a thousand.

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6 Responses to “School Pictures: How Many Friends Do They Think I Have?”

  1. Kimberly
    on May 2nd, 2009
    @ 9:45 pm

    As a second grade teacher I haven’t had a “good” school photograph is years – sure, tell me to smile as I’m watching my class of not so perfect second graders sword fight with the combs I asked you not to give them! So I get to look at piles of not so good photographs I’d rather not look at. Oh and I do have tons of student photographs because young kids LOVE to give their teacher things!

  2. Addie Gaines
    on May 2nd, 2009
    @ 9:54 pm

    I had to laugh. I have spent the better part of my day trying to clean up my office. And I can’t even say it looks good now. It is just improved. Piles did turn into files and I can see the top of my conference table. I didn’t touch my desk. I have a very high tolerance level for clutter and the office had gotten too bad even for me!!!

    I was at school so late (and on Saturday) the sheriff came by to make sure there wasn’t a problem.

  3. Charlie A. Roy
    on May 3rd, 2009
    @ 5:46 am

    We have to come up with some creative phrase for May and the world of school administration. Maybe the Malaise of May?

    Michael Smith Reply:

    The May Decay….

  4. Susan Myers
    on May 3rd, 2009
    @ 6:59 am

    Desk? Ohhhh, is THAT what is holding up the DVDs that need processing, notes to myself, papers, computer, etc.

  5. Angie
    on May 4th, 2009
    @ 6:42 am

    Maybe you should place all the pictures in the teachers’ lounge and offer them up as ways for teachers to get out any frustrations they might have. Or, how about for the next staff appreciation day, you can attach them to whatever cheap yet fabulous gift you give?

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