Sick Day. Work Day. Sick Day.

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My Evil Spawn missed 3 days of school this week. Thermometers Have Come a Long Way.

Much to our surprise she wasn’t suspended.  Just sick. 

Maybe the suspension will come later.  Or maybe she will just be incredibly sneaky and not get caught.  Either way, any chance of her having perfect attendance is gone.

Someone will undoubtedly email me to let me know that I’m way too negative when I blog about my Evil Spawn/daughter (odds are the email will be long, angry, hate-filled, use abusive language, and question my ability to parent… and it’s 50/50 that it will be from her mother).

I’m not negative.  I’m a realist.

While she is a very good little girl (even though she thinks she’s 37 and my boss), there is no doubt in my mind that she will have some ups and downs as she makes her way through what will no doubt be several school systems (some she may leave… some she may be asked to leave…).

I’m the exact opposite of those parents who think their kids will never do anything wrong.

My job is not to make excuses for her.  It’s to help prepare her to deal with the mistakes (and trust me, they are coming… between the ages of 12-18… in bunches).

At least for this week, no suspension.  Just sick.

Much to our surprise she didn’t have the Swine Flu.  Not that we would know because we are way too cheap to shell out the cash to have her tested for H1N1.

So we just decided it wasn’t the Pig Disease (really no different than people deciding they have it…).

She had a sore throat, headache, high temperature, and was really lazy.  Although it’s hard to tell if the lazy thing was part of the illness or just regular behavior.

Since she didn’t feel well, it meant one of us had to stay with her.  Evidently, the government has some sort of rule that says little girls can’t stay at home by themselves and watch 72 straight hours of Nickelodeon unless they are accompanied by an adult.

This makes no sense to me, but neither did all of the financial bailouts.

We have a system at our house in which we take turns staying home on the spawn’s sick days.

Since I lost the coin flip, I got days 1 and 3.  My wife got day 2.

I learned a lot during my 48 hour stretch in sick prison.

One Regis Philbin has dyed his hair a disturbing color of dark brown.  This would have been appropriate about 60 years ago (when he was 18).

Secondly, thermometers have come a long way.  I had no idea the ones with batteries were so easy to us.

When I was a kid, my mom stuck a cold glass tube that was filled with mercury in my mouth.  I then had to hold it under my tongue (while gagging) for 37 straight minutes.

That’s if I was lucky.

If I wasn’t lucky she stuck it someplace besides my mouth.

I would blog about these incidents, but I’ve done my best to suppress most of those memories.

In today’s world of technology, kids can take their own temperature.  Which mine did about every 8 minutes (during each and every commercial break).

While her temperature went up and down, she wasn’t sick sick.  I was very thankful for that.

I want to be a good dad, but I’m not overly interested in the throwing up process.

Evil Spawn calls this “spilling”.

The very first time she got sick (at the age of 2… or 7… if you need to know the exact time line you will have to ask her mom… I’m just the dad), she was so apologetic for “spilling” and making a mess on the floor.

And on her pajamas.

And the couch.

And the windows.

And the ceiling.

You have probably figured out why I’m not a big fan of the “sick” sick.

The third and last thing I learned was even when you aren’t at work, you are still at work.

While technology has made thermometers better, it hasn’t improved some other parts of my life.  Like making things simpler.  I thought the ability to access information, email, and be in constant contact was supposed to help.

It doesn’t.

A sick day used to mean I was totally cut off from the world for a day (or in this case, two days).

There was something peaceful about that.  It made you slow down.  And rest. 

And enjoy the Price is Right uninterrupted.

It today’s world, you just keep going.

And going.

And going.

It’s almost like there isn’t time to be sick.

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4 Responses to “Sick Day. Work Day. Sick Day.”

  1. Carol Horner
    on Nov 7th, 2009
    @ 3:04 am

    I was home with a sick child two days this week as well. You are exactly right about the technology. I spent all day, both days, wokring remotely on our network, doing email, and answering my cell phone. I’m not sure I understand why it still counts as an out of school “sick day” for me. I worked all day – check the network logs.

  2. Charlie A. Roy
    on Nov 8th, 2009
    @ 6:18 am

    I spent a few days home with a sick kid last fall. I think I accomplished more for my school admin job that day than the entire week. The uninterrupted time was incredibly productive. My secretary could IM me my phone messages and my Assistant Principals did the same. I wondered if it might be more productive to work from home every day and cut out the countless hours and barage of small talk that goes into every day. But then again those little conversations build good will and come on I really do like these people.

    I’ve now adopted biphasic sleeping to grab a few hours interrupted and have seen the productivity go up. I don’t mind the 3 AM rise time but it is the mid afternoon nap that proves so hard to grab.

  3. Todd Hunt
    on Nov 9th, 2009
    @ 3:52 pm

    Technology has made us very productive and often gets me in trouble. I scheduled two professional learning plan meetings with teachers during a walk through the zoo from my palm treo….my wife confiscated my phone for the rest of the day for working when we were supposed to be having fun; which made my 13 year old daughter laugh. She did stop laughing though when my wife took her phone for texting during lunch with grandma and grandpa. I suppose it was a little childish of me to tell on her, but “misery loves company’. !

  4. Dean
    on Dec 6th, 2009
    @ 6:47 am

    I am definitely bookmarking this blog. :)

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