Someone Put Cake in the Lounge.

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I Like Cake.I have noticed something as I go through my life in education. Almost all of us are passionate about certain things. As educators we have a lot of the same characteristics.

Most of us care deeply about some of the following; children, dogs, movies, hamburgers, sports (settle down, you can’t count soccer), vacations, movies, politics (mental note: in the future, blog about the political train wreck called the Clintons) and bad news about Britney Spears (how did Kevin Federline become the good one? – discuss among yourselves).

But as educators we can all agree on the one thing that we love (in an attempt to make this blog more interactive I must ask you to play a drum roll in your head) ……………… the answer is …….……….. Free Stuff.

Everyone loves the free stuff. No matter how old we are, if you give us free stuff- we couldn’t be happier.

It starts when we are young. Our parents force us to attend noisy parades and scary people on floats pass by and throw mediocre candy at us (if your community leaders allow this).

We are then encouraged to risk our lives by running into the street to retrieve this free candy. From this point forward, we are hooked on anything we don’t have to pay for with no regard for its quality or purpose.

Halloween candy, Christmas presents, and cheap toys from McDonald’s are also used to train us into loving the free stuff.

As we get older, coaches give us a free t-shirt to wear as a uniform in whichever sport we are playing at the time. Usually it is the cheapest shirt known to man that shrinks from a medium to an extra extra small the first time it is washed (just for the record, liquor stores should not sponsor summer baseball teams).

All through life people hand us free stuff whether we need it or not (usually not).

Companies give us calendars and pens, politicians give us buttons and bumper stickers, stores advertise buy one- get one free, and if the high school football coach likes you, you might just get a free jacket (I’m waiting).

Teachers will literally trample small children if they hear the following phrase… “Someone put cake in the lounge” (you may substitute candy, brownies, soup, leftovers, donuts, popcorn, snacks, etc. for cake).

My point (like I actually have one) is that educators are highly educated people who are respected in the community and make a fairly good living. But don’t kid yourself, we can be bought.

The next time the local school board is in negotiations for a new teacher’s contract, instead of offering higher wages or better benefits, they should just put some cinnamon rolls in the lounge.

But don’t think regular cinnamon rolls will close the deal. It has to be the ones that are the size of a large child’s head. Then you have got yourself a deal.

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4 Responses to “Someone Put Cake in the Lounge.”

  1. sms
    on Nov 6th, 2007
    @ 6:19 pm

    Uhhh…there was pumpkin cake/bars in the lounge today…I saw them at 8:30 as I walked past the door on my way to my room…thinking…I may have one of those at lunch…THEY WERE LONG GONE by lunch. So you are right…put the free cake in the lounge, and it will be gone in minutes!

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  4. Mr. Scott
    on Nov 23rd, 2009
    @ 1:52 am

    I put two plates of brownies in our lounge 30 minutes before school started and they were gone 15 minutes later.

    If nothing else, teachers are certainly predictable.

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