Super Bowl of Stupid.

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I’m not sure who will win the Super Bowl, but I’m positive who wins when Schools take on the Media. 

It’s a no brainer.

The Media.I'm Pulling for the Saints.

Every single time.

Well, not every single time.

No, I was wrong.  They do win every single time.

Not because the Media is right, but because they have the last word.

If you want to survive (not thrive, mind you… just survive) in school administration, this is something you have to learn.

Don’t make decisions so incredibly stupid that the producer of the 10 o’clock news (11 o’clock for our friends on the East Coast) can get monster ratings from making you the lead story.

People seem to love the “school messed up” angle.

You don’t want to be the principal or superintendent who is being interviewed (always sitting at your desk with the camera looking DOWN upon you… not a good look) when you can only say “No comment” or “this issue involves personnel, so the School District cannot address it at this time”.

When you say these things the public only hears…


Just for the sake of argument, let’s say the school district and it’s employees did nothing wrong.

Then the public hears:


It’s a no-win situation once you find yourself on television.

So here is my Tip for the Day.

Stop doing stupid things.  Use some common sense.  Ask yourself “If I have to go on the news tonight and explain this decision, how will it look?”


Exhibit A:  La. Student, Principal Clash Over Colts Jersey

KOCO: A Louisiana high school student says he was sent home for wearing an Indianapolis Colts jersey Friday — the day the principal encouraged students to wear New Orleans Saints black and gold as the teams get ready to face off in the Super Bowl.

"If they tell other students to support their team, why can’t I support mine?" Brandon Frost, 17, told The Associated Press. The senior at Maurepas High School moved three years ago from Indianapolis to the rural town 30 miles from Baton Rouge.

A Livingston Parish School Board member said Frost wasn’t sent home, but was told he couldn’t wear the blue jersey at school. Keith Martin, whose district includes Maurepas, said the school uniform had been relaxed only for black and gold.

He said he planned to ask school system attorneys whether that violated Frost’s right to free speech, as the American Civil Liberties Union of Louisiana contends.

State ACLU director Marjorie Esman sent a letter to Principal Steven Vampran, asking him to wipe Frost’s record of any discipline stemming from the incident.
Vampran declined to comment.

Martin said he had talked with both Vampran and Frost’s father, Larry Frost.

"I think we got things worked out," Martin said.

According to Martin, a friend of Brandon Frost’s had asked Vampran on Thursday whether Brandon could wear a Colts jersey, and had been told "no."

During a class on Thursday, Frost said, he talked about his plans to wear his jersey rather than Saints colors. He said the teacher warned him he’d get in trouble.

Larry Frost said he didn’t know about that when Brandon asked Thursday whether he could wear the jersey. He said he told his son to come home if he was hassled too much.

The Colts and Saints play Sunday in the Super Bowl, and emotions have run high in Louisiana as fans celebrate the first Super Bowl appearance for the beleaguered franchise.

Brandon Frost said Vampran called him out of his first class Friday and told him, "I don’t recall saying you could wear a Colts jersey on Black-and-Gold Day."

He said he told the principal that his father had given him permission to go home if it was a problem.

"He started to get angry with me," Frost said. "I thought I remember him saying, ‘If you like Indiana so much, why don’t you go back?’"

Vampran has acknowledged that he should not have said that, Martin said. He said no one sent Frost home — but no one kept him from leaving rather than changing shirts.

Larry Frost said he called the ACLU rather than the school because he was too angry.

"Louisiana would be proud of him anyway," Larry Frost said. "He wore Joseph Addai’s jersey."

The Colts running back is a graduate of Louisiana State University.


Maybe, just maybe this school did nothing wrong.

Too bad.  Too late.

They’ve already been on TV.  And on Twitter.  And in a Blog.

Everyone has already heard… GUILTY!!!.

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4 Responses to “Super Bowl of Stupid.”

  1. Brian Mull
    on Feb 7th, 2010
    @ 9:51 am

    Yes, VERY dumb.

  2. QuakerPrincipal
    on Feb 7th, 2010
    @ 3:28 pm

    Your position is a great one! My administrative team considers all points in relation to the mantra, “How would I defend that in court?” While not all situations rise to this level, it it certainly important when you are challenging possible implications that have already been federally challenged…..and lost.

  3. jeff ralston
    on Feb 7th, 2010
    @ 3:33 pm

    Yeah, its dumb, but there’s lots dummer things, like two years ago when I was checking girls at the prom to make sure they weren’t wearing thong underwear. its a uniformed school (where was the ACLU then?) so a specific exception to the dress code was made. if its ok to wear the colts jersey, then its ok to wear my black sabbath t-shirt. saints fans might take the wearing of a colt jersey to a provocative invitation for blood in the hallway. if the principal had allowed an exception to his previously announced rule, and some kid ended up in the hospital, the principal would be beginning another job search (which can be enjoyable if you just adopt the right attitude).

  4. mcorbett76
    on Feb 15th, 2010
    @ 2:39 pm

    This seems so small an issue compared to the scheduling fiasco my school had last year when it forgot to include Martin Luther King Jr’s Birthday as a school holiday. News media swarmed. We looked stupid. Luckily, principal had enough sense to hold a “Black History” program to make up for it. Media backed off. MLK Day will never be left off the schedule again! lol

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