AASA Connect. Read Their Blogs. And Mine.

The American Association of School Administrators is currently featuring PrincipalsPage.com on their blog page.AASA - A Great Organization.

Their website is designed to celebrate success in public schools and serve as an interactive professional resource for superintendents.

As luck would have it, I like celebrations, success in public schools, and being an interactive professional resource.

Thank you AASA.  And keep up the good work.

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Student Outsmarting Me. Just Another Day.

School Administrator magazine.Life is Always 50/50.

The June 2012 edition.

Look for me.  And a student on the back page.

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Still Best of the Blogs.

We need more superintendents to blog.

If I’m still on the list, we may have a problem.

But thank you AASA and The School Administrator magazine.

Check out the March 2012 issue.

 We Need More Bloggers.

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AASA: Best of the Blogs.

School Administrator Magazine.AASA School Administrator Magazine:  February 2012.

February 2012 edition.

Best of the Blogs by Superintendents.

Not sure how PrincipalsPage made it, but I’ll take it.

Click here.

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AASA Connect.

More free publicity.dandomench

PrincipalsPage is one of five blogs currently being featured on AASA Connect, a new microsite from AASA designed to celebrate success in public schools
and serve as an interactive professional resource for superintendents (I stole this sentence from the email they sent me).

They intend to rotate a different set of member superintendent bloggers every four to six weeks through the site (this sentence… also stolen).

Beginning in January, be sure to watch for print excerpts from member blogs in their new “Best of the Blogs” section of The School Administrator (again… stolen).

AASA Connect also includes a list of links to superintendent blogs (stolen… but I could have written this one).

Beginning in January, be sure to watch for print excerpts from member blogs in the new “Best of the Blogs” section of The School Administrator (caught me… stolen).

Thank you AASA.  And thank you for writing this blog for me.

One of my claims to fame is I sat next to AASA Executive Director Dan Domenech on a flight from Miami to Atlanta.  He was very tolerant of me.

Maybe if he Googles himself, he will see this picture.

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You Should Get The Urge to Write. And Blog.

I did.AASA - A Great Organization.

And so did these superintendents.

Read more in the February issue of The School Administrator

“The Urge to Write” by Scott Lafee.

If these good people can write and blog about our profession, so can you – Matthew Jennings, Dr. Mark J. Stock, Marc Bernstein, Maureen La Croix, James VanSciver,  Linda Wagner, and Howard Carlson.

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A Free Trip to Miami. Thanks AASA.

I’m going to Miami, but I’m sure you already figured that out.

In mid-October I will be taking my first official business trip (I’m such a big boy).

Did I mention it’s to Miami?Miami... Here I Come!

For those of you that don’t teach geography… that’s in Florida. Where it’s warm.

Did I mention it’s a free trip?

The mere thought of rubbing elbows with Crockett and Tubbs (80’s reference) is almost more excitement than I can handle.

I’m not sure how many miles it is to Miami but I know it’s a long way from hall duty.

The American Association of School Administrators have invited me to be a small part of a focus group about the development of a school leadership simulation online program (I say a small part because in case they read this… I want to lessen expectations to the point that if I string together a halfway intelligent sentence, they will consider my participation a success).

I’m not sure what a “school leadership simulation program” is, but I would rather be confused in Miami than have everything under control on hallway duty.

Did I mention this trip is free?

I’ve said it before and I will say it again, what in the world is the AASA thinking?

It was one thing to publish my little blog in The School Administrator Magazine, but picking up my expenses is another thing (can anyone say $14 M & M’s from the hotel mini-bar?).

Let’s think about this. They are flying me to Miami to ask my opinion. They could have gotten the very same “Barely Thought Out Almost Boarding on a Complete Lack of Knowledge Opinion” from me if they had just asked.

I do have a cell phone.

Or they could have Skyped me.

Or possibly emailed.

But whatever. I’m willing to do my part. I’m willing to take one for the team.

So, I am stepping up to the plate and flying to Miami (by myself, which is a first… did I mention what a big boy I am?).

And did I happen to mention the trip is free?

Note from wife: I feel the need to point out that his first plane trip was just 4 years ago when we flew to NECC in San Diego. He has never flown alone and while he is claiming to be a “big boy”, I am feeling a little like a nervous mother. If you see a lost 40-something angry bald man in a suit roaming through the Atlanta airport, will you please contact me?

Here is a link to help with figuring the trip details from our little town in IL to Miami FL. I not only love and use this site regularly, but my company RecessTEC is demoing its use for all classrooms (don’t be afraid to visit us at www.RecessTEC.com as I have time on my hands since I don’t have to make dinner for PrincipalsPage when he is in Florida).

http://www.wolframalpha.com – Type Tuscola, Illinois to Miami, Florida.

How far is from your town to Miami?

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What’s Going On at The School Administrator Magazine?

Click to Visit the AASA Website.

Just when you thought the world couldn’t get any more mixed-up.

In fact, you may want to glance out your window and make sure it’s not raining cats and dogs (you can rest assured, Buddy the Dog won’t be involved… because that would require a little thing I like to call “effort”…)

My friends at The School Administrator have once again allowed PrincipalsPage.com into their magazine (this completes the PrincipalsPage Trilogy… first 2 times… the April and August 2008 editions… and yet, they have allowed me back).

This time I’m not just in the magazine once. There are 3 seperate mentions in the August 2009 edition.

The cover article (not about me… but one day… mark my word) written by Dr. Mark J. Stock of the University of Wyoming talks about the importance of Superintendents blogging.

He seems to have this crazy idea that a blog can be used as some sort of effective communication tool (maybe, but not here).

He mentions the PrincipalsPage.com Blog (appearance #1) and later lists it again under a section titled “Superintendents’ Blogs Worth Checking” (appearance #2).

At this point, even I was thinking… “What’s this guy doing to his career?”

On top of this, the August edition of The School Administrator also runs a Guest Column that I wrote… “Wrought With Danger: Being a Superintendent is Scary.” (appearance #3, for those of you counting at home).

That’s right.

Not one, not two, but…

…three PrincipalsPage.com Blog references in one magazine.

It’s a new record.

Actually it smashes the old record of one (which I was thrilled with by the way).

I know what you’re thinking. I should enjoy this while it lasts because records are made to be broken.

Sure, right about now there is some snot-nosed young blogger typing away (no doubt in his mother’s basement) in the hopes of getting 4 mentions of their blog in one magazine.

It may happen, but I can assure you I’m not going away quietly.

So until that blog punk wrestles this “record” away from cold dead hands, I think I should take a moment to reflect on what has just happened.

This experience has made 2 things painfully obvious to me.

One, I owe everyone at The School Administrator and Dr. Mark J. Stock a big thank you.

So, thank you.

Secondly, I have a bad feeling that the circulation numbers of The School Administrator may go way down after people read the August edition.

If so, I’m sorry.

If I’m wrong (which happens each day like clockwork) and readership goes up… I will be anticipating the 4 mentions of PrincipalsPage.com in the October magazine.

All joking aside, it is quite an honor to be in the magazine and it’s greatly appreciated. Here is the online link to the articles… The School Administrator.

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The AASA: When Will They Ever Learn?

American Association of School Administrators.The people at the American Association of School Administrators have struck again.

They have included another PrincipalsPage.com Blog in the pages of their magazine.

If you receive the August edition of the AASA magazine, please go to page 33 and check out “Always Know the Answer before Asking the Question.”

I wrote this particular blog in a very dark, turbulent, stormy and unstable portion of my writing career.

It was a time that I like to call August of 2007 (actually it was neither dark, turbulent, stormy, or unstable… nor do I have a career in writing… but I do love the exaggeration).

But, I am not here to self-promote (well, maybe a little) or question the good judgment of the suits at AASA who choose the content of their magazine (well, maybe a little).

I am here to share what an interesting experience it is to get something published.

Don’t get me wrong, I realize that the blog isn’t an American literary classic and the AASA Magazine isn’t as widely circulated as AARP the Magazine, Reader’s Digest, TV Guide, and Better Homes and Gardens (all I have learned from Googling “Top Magazine Circulation” is that old people really love their reading material).

It is still pretty cool to see something you typed on a laptop in 14 minutes get printed in a real legitimate publication.

The surprising thing is how long it takes for this process to play out.

The kind people at AASA (need to stay on their good side) notify you months in advance that they would like to publish your article (blog… whatever).

Then the lawyers and agents get involved to hash out the financial package. Which means the AASA offers nothing, and I take it (it was touch and go for a moment there… I thought they might make me pay them…whew!).

Then it goes through a thorough editing process where people with actual college degrees in English (and probably a Master’s) fix my incoherent thoughts.

They are quite good. By the time they finish the editing portion, I am amazed at the quality of my writing. Don’t get me wrong, my lovely wife does good editing work, but her degree is not in editing. It is in education with a minor in computer stuff and taking care of the sponge (daughter…whatever) and me.

I was also shocked the first time they emailed and edited version back to me and asked my thoughts. They evidently don’t realize that I am still not sure what an adverb is and while I have made progress, the whole to, too, and two thing is still quite confusing. Don’t even get me started about the proper use of semi-colons. My wife takes about 10 of them out of every blog post (while I don’t know how to use them, they are arguably the cutest of all the punctuation… and yes, I base my punctuation choices on looks).

I could have really benefited by sitting behind these editing people in college (who am I kidding… I needed them in junior high).

But, I am not here to talk about how my grade point average would have been significantly higher if I had cheated my way through school (PrincipalsPage.com in no way endorses cheating at any level of education).

I am here to thank them for giving me the opportunity (twice… I hope they don’t get fired over this).

It has been fun and maybe if they hold onto their jobs I will get another opportunity (who am I kidding… I am on borrowed time as it is).

Also, if you are a school administrator or plan on becoming one, please support your state organizations and the AASA.

They do great work for principals and superintendents (especially those just starting out in their careers).

Even if their judgment in magazine content may be a little questionable.

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A Free Shirt and a Magazine Article; Who’s Laughing Now Mr. College Professor?

My Favorite College Professor... Dr. Indiana Jones.Today was a good day.

Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t solve world hunger, win the lottery, or meet Mike Rowe (that would be winning the lottery!).

But, I did get a free shirt from Land’s End and a Blog published in The School Administrator Magazine (in case you don’t believe me… click here).

The shirt was a very nice thank you for my mentioning the Land’s End Teachers Light the Way Contest. This is officially your last mention, Land’s End. Unless, of course, another shirt happens to make its way into my mailbox (you know the address).

I also don’t mind taking credit for single-handedly saving a lady’s job at a very important public relations firm (by the way PrincipalsPage.com only works with the most powerful companies).

Thanks for the shirt. I can promise you that there will be a lot of bad golf played in it this summer.

As for the Blog, I have the people at the American Association of School Administrators (AASA) to thank.

They are either very nice or a little desperate for material since they have published my Blog as an “actual” article…in an “actual” magazine.

This may literally set the publishing industry in the educational administration field back 20 years.

I have been a big fan of the magazine, but now I wonder. Can I enjoy a publication that stoops to this level?

Chocolate Milk Tastes Better When I Am Not Being Violated has made it into the pages of the April issue (I just had a thought…could this be their April Fool’s joke on their readers?).

I was also excited to find out they placed the article in a very prominent place on page 59 (next time I am holding out for a cover).

So, it was a good day.

A free shirt and a magazine. Usually, just getting a free shirt makes my day.

When I received an advanced copy of the magazine (which made me feel quite important), thoughts of my first college English professor came rushing into my mind.

You are probably thinking that he is the inspiration for me to write. Or he introduced me to all the great works of literature. Or maybe he pushed me to be the best writer possible.

None of the above.

He took my first writing sample of my freshman year and ripped it to shreds.

At the top of the 3 pages that I had spent literally minutes composing, he wrote, “This IS the worst example of writing that I have EVER seen.”

I wish I was kidding. And I bet he wished he hadn’t wasted 12 brand new red pens on my assignment.

So on this momentous day (not really, but thanks for playing along), I remember you… Mr. College Professor.

And you didn’t think I would amount to anything. That I would be a total failure and blight on society.

I have a new shirt and a magazine article that begs to differ.

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