Good Parenting?

One of the things you learn as a school administrator is all parents believe they are doing a good job.

Everyone thinks they’re raising their child(ren) to be productive and useful members of society.

Nobody gets up in the morning, looks in the mirror, and says “I am a horrible parent (and very likely a despicable human being).”

Personally, I can’t say this.  Because if I wasn’t an excellent parent I wouldn’t be the proud owner of a “#1 Dad” mug (and I don’t even drink coffee).They Don't Give These Mugs to Just Anybody.

When things go terribly wrong with kids (see:  The Evil Spawn about 2017), all parents rationalize their role in the situation.

By rationalize, I mean blame someone else.

It’s never the parents’ fault because they didn’t raise their kids to act in whatever bad way they are acting (crime spree, 57 tattoos, 114 earrings, money laundering, etc.)

So it becomes the schools’ fault.

Or the coaches’.

Or the teachers’.

Or the principals’.

Or the school boards’.

Later in life it can even be the State Policemen’s, probation officers’, or the judges’ fault (I’ve encouraged The Evil Spawn to start saving for a good lawyer).

It’s never bad parenting (which is nice because it takes me off the hook for what is surely to be a rather tragic and sad year in 2017).

While we all think we’re good parents, some are obviously better than others.

If you work in a school you’ve probably accrued the 6th sense necessary to spot some of the less than great parents.

If you’re really good, you can spot them from a distance (which means several aisles over).

They turn up in the school office.  At the movie theater.  Or in the easiest place on earth to see a bad parent in captivity… Wal-mart.

There is just something in the way they carry themselves or a certain tone in their voices as they yell empty threats toward disrespectful children.

I like to think I have this skill.

I also think I may have spotted the worst case of bad parenting in recent memory.

It’s so bad, I didn’t feel comfortable posting a picture.

If you want to see it and have a strong stomach CLICK HERE (scroll down for picture).

I could be wrong (it happens frequently), but time will tell.

We will know if these young ladies (12 and 14) have been affected by bad parenting by the time they go to college.

Or rehab.

Or wherever reality TV stars go once fame has left them.

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