Spring Break for Old People.

Spring Break is here.Sweet Sweet Spring Break.

Thank goodness.

About I week ago, I was contemplating changing careers to something easier if I didn’t get a few days off.

Jobs I was considering:  logger, coal miner, or human cannonball.

All would be safer than school administrator.

But as luck would have it, Spring Break has arrived!

I won’t be heading to Panama City.  Or Cancun.  Or South Padre Island.

Truth be told, I’m hoping I don’t even have to leave my yard.

I won’t be getting a sunburn.  A tattoo.  Or arrested (this one’s 50/50).

I’ve decided not to get any of my body parts pierced (I went with “body parts”… didn’t want to work blue in a family blog).

My version of Spring Break may sound boring to some.

But not to me.

I will be mowing the yard.  Napping.  Wondering how Buddy the Dog can sleep so much (does he do this EVERY day when I’m at work?).

I will watch bad television shows that are a complete waste of my time and serve no purpose other than to make all of mankind dumber.

Other than these few items on my to-do list, I’m not completely sure what I will be doing.

But I know what I won’t be doing.

And that’s what makes Spring Break so special.

For the record, if I did get a tattoo it would be a giant eagle with barbed wire in his mouth.  It would be on my back and would look like it was flying when I raised my arms up and down.  Or a small fairy on my ankle.  I can’t decide.

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