How a Copier Works.

Once again, a Blog reader steps up and teaches me something.

I will no longer spend sleepless nights pondering the mysteries of the copier.



Every time someone sends me something, I get just a little smarter.

Thank you reader.

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I Hate Copiers.

Am I the only one who has an intense loathing for copying machines?

Why is it every single time I use one it’s out of paper?

How is it I’m the only person in America who is refilling these machines?

Surely, somewhere a copier runs out of paper and someone steps up and reloads it with a couple of reams of paper.

It’s mathematically impossible that I’m the only one doing this.

But it happens.Copier Down.  Big Surprise.

Day after day.

Week after week.

It’s my version of Groundhog Day (an underrated film by the way).

I’ve even tried to wait these dastardly machines out.

I stand off to the side until some poor soul comes along and actually refills it.

And you know what happens when I go to use it a mere seconds after they’re finished?

Out of paper.

Every time.

It never fails.

These machines hate me.

I’m a college graduate and yet I’m clueless how to undo a paper jam in a copier (to make me feel worse, they even provide a map).

Don’t even get me started on what happens when you need to make one copy right before an important meeting.


Just one.

A single copy.

Machine is broke.

There is always a handwritten sign taped to the top of the machine that says “Out of Order”.

Which really means “The copier knew you were coming and it went on vacation because it thinks you are a gigantic loser”.

But luckily for me, I only need one copy for a meeting starting in 30 seconds.

And the repair guy is coming.

In four days.

As humans we invented them to make our lives easier.

And yet the only thing they do is mock me.

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