What Do You Do For Kids After 3:30?

You can learn so many things in a school hallway.apple-question-mark-300x272

What’s happening in school.  What’s happening out of school.  Who’s dating whom.  Who just broke up with whom by text (welcome to what I consider an extremely bleak and odd future).

If you listen closely between classes, you could probably learn the true identity of D.B. Cooper (kids are smarter than you think).

Of course, most of the stuff I overhear from kids makes me say “Huh?”.

Which is a whole lot better than the things I overhear that make me say “Eww.”

The key is to listen, but not listen too closely (How to Be a School Administrator 101).

Once in a while, I feel like my time in the hallway is extra productive.

These are the times when I gain real tidbits of knowledge.

It could be from a student or a teacher.  But there are definitely things said that make me smarter.

Some might argue this isn’t too difficult.

I would tend to agree.

One day in the not so distant past, I asked a coach if he was actually a teacher during the day, or simply a coach waiting for his next game to begin.

Without hesitating, he said he was a teacher who coaches, not a coach who teaches.

I thought that was a great answer.  Especially, since he didn’t hesitate (plus, he seemed a little annoyed… which is a good sign).

Then he said something that made me smarter.

He said “Instead of asking about what I do during the day, maybe you should be asking what other teachers do after 3:30 to make kids better.”

Coaches commit hours to students after school and on weekends (as do other teachers).

He made a good point.

It’s not good enough that we just give our best during the school day.

The teaching profession is becoming more and more of a 24 hour a day job.

Whether we like it or not, we have to do more for students to help them be successful.

Which means,  all of us have to not only give our best during the school day, but also after 3:30.

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