It’s both sad and tragic.Dropouts Aren't Cheap.

Students need to do better.

Families need to do better.

Schools need to do better.

Our country needs to do better.

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A Politician Wants Drivers Licences Revoked for Dropouts: How Did Educators Not Think of This?

No ALL Student Drivers are Bad....This link was sent to me by a loyal reader of the blog (I can neither confirm nor deny that they are housed in the correctional system with a great deal of free time on their hands).

United States Rep. Rahm Emanuel (Politician-Ill. political party doesn’t matter because I don’t think there is an ounce of difference between a Democrat and a Republican) proposed taking away the driver’s licenses of high school dropouts.

This upset the leaders of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus (CHC) and the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC).

My only question is why?

As in, why has it taken so long for a politician to figure out this riddle? Students work harder and are more likely to stay in school when a carrot (i.e. driver’s license) is dangled in front of them.

Who knew?

Next, a politician will be telling us that students who play sports and participate in extracurricular activities will work harder in order to stay eligible. Shocker.

Or maybe they will let us know that they believe most young people study harder for their Driver’s License test than they do for an English exam. I am stunned.

And why are the two caucuses upset? Don’t they want their group’s children to stay in school?

If holding a drivers license over their heads keeps them from dropping out, isn’t that a good thing?

Won’t these students have a chance to earn more money over the course of their lifetimes, hold better jobs, and possibly attend colleges if they have high school diplomas?

What’s the downside here? Am I missing something?

Sure, you can always point out the exception to the rule.

A student might have to drop out to support himself. There might be a girl who has to leave high school to raise her baby.

But there is a reason they call situations like these… exceptions.

I am confused (yes, again).

Why don’t we pass education related laws to help the majority of kids?

When did having a driver’s license become a right and not a privilege?

Why can’t we have a law in place that takes into account that a student may drop out and lose his or her license but it can be reinstated once they receive a GED?

And most importantly, why did Rep. Emanuel come up with this solution to help curtail dropouts before those of us in education?


This idea has been discussed, proposed, and rehashed in every teacher’s lounge in America since the beginning of time?

Who knew?

Oh yea. Educators did.

And something else we know.

States issue licenses, not the federal government (who knew teaching social studies would come in so handy?). While I appreciate Rep. Emanuel’s intentions, I am not sure it is his problem to solve.

But I could be wrong. I did study harder for my Driver’s License Exam than for the Constitution Test.

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