Society Has Gotten Too Fast.

I have a theory.Ferris is Cool.

Not because I’m smart, but because I’m old (two of the benefits of being old are you can say whatever you want… and eat dinner at 3:30 pm).

I think life is getting easier, but less enjoyable.

The interweb is great.  Stores being open 24/7 is wonderful.  Getting our news and weather whenever we want is nice.

Every day more and more things come along to make our existence more pleasant.

In theory.

Apps are nice.  Movies on demand are great.  Central air certainly has it perks.  Smartphones are cool.

There is no arguing technology is great.

But on the other side of the coin, everything happens all the time.

We’ve lost something.

And I think it’s free time.

Boredom is good because it makes you appreciate other experiences.

And in this day in age, I’m never bored.

Who has the time?

Between work and weekends that are busier than ever, there is no down time.

This weekend I ran (jogged… whatever) a half marathon.

I hadn’t trained nearly enough.  I had a bad foot (worse now).

Yet, I didn’t want to miss running (jogging… whatever… I get it).


Because I was so looking forward to the 2 hours with no phone.  Or email.  Or resposibilities.

Just running along with thousands of complete strangers who wouldn’t ask me a single question about anything important.

No responsibities other than putting one foot in front of the other (and not wetting myself… runners will understand).

This doesn’t happen often enough.

No, not running a half marathon.

Slowing down for two hours.  Or two minutes.

Maybe I need a skip day like Ferris.  Anyone want to go… Bueller, Bueller, Bueller… anyone?

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“You’re Still Here? It’s Over, Go Home. Go.”

Ferris Would Never Return.  Never.

The school year is officially over.

Graduation has come and gone.

Seniors have waited their whole lives for this moment.

After 13 long years (long for them, longer for me), they are free.

Free at last!

Thank God, they are free at last! (and thank you, Rev. Martin Luther King).

They are no longer required to attend school.

They are no longer required to roll out of bed 7 minutes before 1st hour begins.

They are no longer required to see their teachers and administrators.

And yet, just when they have their first taste of sweet sweet freedom they get confused.

They forget all of the bad experiences that plagued them during their school years.

The homework.

The discipline.

The rules.


Dissecting frogs.

The angry over-medicated administrators.

All of the things they hate are quickly forgotten.

Then they do something crazy.

Something unspeakable.

Something so disgusting, I can hardly type out the morbid details.

They do the one thing the swore they would never do.

They show up at school (often quite early).

Just when they think they’re out, they drag themselves back in.

It’s weird, but it happens every year.

Like clockwork.

Their Senior year is over.  They’ve graduated.  They are finished.

And then they return.

It’s odd.

Thank you Ferris Bueller.   Not only for supplying the title of yet another blog, but for one of the 5 greatest movies of all-time.

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Life Moves Pretty Fast.

Life Moves Fast.We now have about two weeks until Thanksgiving break. Life continues to speed by. I am sure it was just spring like ten minutes ago. This whole thing is starting to approach the ridiculous stage.

The longer I work in schools, the faster I think the time goes. School day after school day rolls by like we are sitting still. We get through one holiday and another one is upon us.

I think it is more noticeable in schools because we judge time not by years, but by midterms, nine weeks, semesters, seasons, holidays, and events like graduation. Every time I turn around, there is another event quickly approaching.

I get to school early (unless I’m sleepy), work for an hour (unless I’m lazy), go to morning duty (unless I get lost), come back to the office (again, unless lost), and then it is 7:30 p.m. (back to sleepy).

Kids who were just in 5th grade are now picking out their high school graduation announcements.

Teachers in the middle of their careers, when I began teaching, are now looking forward to retirement.

Students I had in my classes now stop by and visit when they come to school to pick up their kids (from 4th grade).

We just brought my daughter home from the hospital, and now she is almost a third of the way through her first grade year. Before I know it she will be in junior high (unless she continues to forget to do her chores; then we are giving her away- I am not joking- her room is such a mess that the other day she lost her bed).

Somehow, someway I have got to figure out a way to slow life down. If I could figure this out and then bottle it, I could make millions.

As that great American figure Ferris Bueller once said, “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”

He was/is a genius (and never got sleepy).

The fact that Ferris Bueller 2 was never made is the greatest crime of the 21st century.

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