Germ-X Generation.

The world works in a very specific way.  There’s a definite plan in how things should go.

If certain things don’t happen, it is very likely the Earth will spin off its axis and slam right into a 1998 Ford Focus.

And none of us want that (especially if the Focus isn’t insured).

Dogs are supposed to bark at cats.  The Chicago Cubs are supposed to disappoint their fans each summer.  Gas prices are supposed to rise for no apparent reason 4 days before a holiday.

And most importantly, junior high boys, without exception, are supposed to push each other for no other reason than they are junior high boys.

Truth be Told, I'm a Big Fan of the Germ-X.

The universe needs these things to take place. 

This time of year is no different.

It’s fall. Which means certain things are supposed to happen.

Football starts.  The weather gets colder.  Leaves turn colors. And we all get the flu.

That’s how it goes.  That’s how it’s supposed to be. 

Any deviation from this very specific chain of events and we are asking for trouble.

Don’t mess with it and don’t question it.

You cross Mother Nature (or whoever is in charge) and you may get slapped upside the head (don’t kid yourself… Mother Nature has a mean streak).

I’m no doctor, but during this time of year I’m pretty sure we’re supposed to get sick.

It’s our right as _______________ (fill in your country of origin here).

Our children need to get sick.

They have to get sick.

Something about building up their immune systems, so they are stronger and healthier as adults.

When I was a kid (a long time ago in a land far far away), we got sick and we liked it.

Actually, that’s a lie.  We didn’t like it.

Who wants to spend all day at home, lying in bed, not watching TV, years in advance of the invention of video games? 

Not fun.  Not fun at all.

If we were sick, we had to do it quietly and out of sight.

It wasn’t a free day (sometimes our parent yelled at us for being sick… it was a different time…).

So consequently, we wanted to get better and go back to school.

But things are different today.

We live in fear of our children being around germs. 

They drink bottled water as opposed to taking a gulp from the neighbor’s garden hose.

They don’t eat food that has been on the floor for less than 5 minutes (the 5 second rule is for sissies).

We constantly have them washing their hands.

When I was a kid, we washed our hands once a week (if we had time… and the money to afford water).

In today’s world, we do everything in our power so our kids don’t have to suffer. We will go to any lengths to protect them.

From their teachers, principals, peers, own lack of ambition, work, responsibilities… the list goes on and on.

We want them to live in a bubble where nothing can touch them.

Now we are constantly trying to save them from germs.

My concern is how are they going to survive when they are adults.

Germ-X can’t save them from themselves.




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